Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Homecoming 08

Proof that you can go home again! This time was very different as our partners in crime Karen and Nick were busy having Elijah Jack! Here's a picture of the young man and his favorite stuffed animal (there's absolutely NO pressure for him to go to OU ;-))

This also means that Karen's brother and sis-n-law Brian and Katie were busy setting stuff up and welcoming E.J. home. We're looking forward to seeing the happy family this October.

This homecoming felt quite different for many reasons, the biggest being that our running crew wasn't there, but it's still great to get back to Athens and catch up and remember. There's something about Athens in the autumn, the Marching 110 and Bobcat's football! 51-31 over VMI, it was a great game.

You can view all the lovely photos at EAG's site here.

Some other goings on are: the recently-married Rasmus, our Georgetown friend, was in town and we discussed Carpark North's newest cd. Also Justin is engaged! that's a huge deal! Justin is marrying the woman who is solely responsible for bringing Ultimate not only to OSU but also to LTS! We caught up with some more awesome people and weren't able to see everyone we wanted too, due to such an abreviated stay.

C.J. introduced us to my new favorite musical of all time, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. It's got Neil Patrich Harris in it and is written by the ever-awesome Joss Whedon!

Kate and I are already looking forward to next year!

Rule of Three:
Reading: Too much for class! Origen, Justin Martyr, Worshp Across Cultures and Homosexuality and Civilization to name a few

Listening: Interesting theological overtones in Carpark's new CD Grateful (Thanks again Rasmus!)

Watching: Dr. Horrible! IT'S SO GOOD!

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Sarah said...

And, don't forget my favorite quote of the weekend re: Sarah Palin --

"She's a dangerous combination of ignorance and overconfidence.

- Rasmus

(and thanks for including the Dr.
Horrible link so I can show Steve!)