Friday, December 31, 2004

Hey There!

I forgot to wish all of you a merry Quanz-mas-hka! So there you go.

Also happy new year. It is the most worthless holiday out there! Like i need an excuse to get together with friends and drink! I call that Tuesday.

Plus, why wait all these hours for a moment that will pass in a second. well... that's kinda like my honeymoon, so nevermind.

let's bring peace in '05.

best wishes.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Were you on Holiday?

My respect to anyone who gets that quote (not counting Kate and myself... cause i have more than enough respect for kate and none for myself).

They say you can't go ever go home again. Well this might be true on in the broader sense, as my mom would kick me out on my skinny ass. It's her empty nest and it took her 23 years to get it that way, no way she's going back to that again. Not saying we didn't have a great time, we did, but i think there's a time to leave and sooner is better than later.

Anyways, this rule of 'returning home' is lifted during the holidays. things were great! and we saw everyone and it just reenforced just how important family is. I didn't used to think this, but through the skunky-cute wisdom of my wife, i have really adopted this philosophy.

So i my best gift (cause i'm materialistic! cram it!) is the Gwen Stefani cd. It's amazing! I can't get enough of it!

Speaking of Holidays... here's Twigger's Holiday. It's a crazy film that i would have made if i could have afforded movie equipment and did a lot of XTC in high school. There is questionable dialogue in it, and the moral of "plant a seed of kindness, a friendship will grow" is literally blown apart here and offends my psuedo-non-violence philosophy i try (and fail) to adhere to. It's entertaining though! and the music kicks ass!

so i hope everyone's holiday kicked ass and i hope your life is as good as having a stuffed monkey on your head.

Monday, December 20, 2004

TIME: 10 Things We Learned About Blogs

Radio had its golden age in the 1930s. In the 1950s, it was television's turn. Historians may well date the golden age of the blog from 2004—when's most searched-for definition was blog. How long can it last? Who knows? Here's what we discovered about the new medium this year.

Veeerrry interesting! Check this shit out! Maybe i'll make it on there... hahahahaha.... riiight.

People of the Year

RollingStone's people of the year!:

"Let's be frank. 2004 wasn't America's finest year, what with the war in Iraq and Britney's marital woes. Thankfully, a few stars shone through. There's the action hero turned governor, the producer turned chart topper and a pair of pop-tart party girls. A real news anchor and a fake news anchor. New kids on the block and legends who've been with us for decades but manage to keep us guessing" -from

This is awesome! I think I'll do my own! I mean it's such a good idea i'll have to copy it! I'm important enough to have my own "top people's list" right?

so as i sort through all the fabulous and noteworthy people i know, i'll just leave you with this trooper who would make the list, if i didn't just make up a rule that said-list bars law enforcement officials.

(sssshh.. this is super secret)

Monday, December 13, 2004

Channel 101 : Kicked in the Nuts! #1

Why is it that the mostbrilliant things the simpliest? This is very funny, but it was also seen every Sunday night with Bob Saget doing one liners over these videos. So it might not be the most original, but it will make you laugh until you pee out your nose.

Friday, December 10, 2004

One of those weeks

You ever have one of those weeks where things just aren't as they seem? That what this week has been like.

Traffic should have been fine, but any time anyone puts water on the road (even just an drop!) people flip out and crash left and right! On Tuesday there was a 2.5 hour back up on 95! That means 75 miles of dead locked traffic.

Plus people just keep try'n to step to me, but i smack'em back down like we was in a rap battle! So at least i got that going for me. but it's people that are usually nice are acting shitty and the usually shitty people are the nice ones! is it opposite week and i didn't get the memo? must be seasonal depression.

the one really great thing (aside from my wife, whose always great) was that last night we had a sales meeting, and the boss wants us to set goals. which is great! A man with out a goal is directionless, everyone needs something to work for. so i'll start thinking on those goals, but for the short term, i wanna be like this guy.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Further Proof Utah is F'ed Up

Gotta love the writers for this questionfor Mr. Richy-Pants Jennings.

What my friends and i did on weekends

This brings back memories of high school. We sure had some fun with an airhorn back in the day.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Online Game Reviews

RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd is by far the coolest one i've encountered. this is only for fans of RPG's and/or nerdy D&D type games. Have an uncontrollable urge to fight giant spiders, quest for flour, or save sheep from a deadly monster? This be the game for you! It's pretty involved, so much so you have to sign up for a free account (helps because it has an auto-save option that saves a lot of time and frustration) and it's best if you have a very fast connection. There is a pay for play option to the game, but odds are you won't be able to finish all the free quests anyway.

For the sports fan, there's the 2 Minute QB Challenge. Extremely addicting if you've ever wanted to command a team to victory in the 4th quarter.

The cutest game on the web right now has to be HAMPSTERBALL! This is just good christian fun here. What more can i say!

And for you evil genuis types out there, there's the Flipword. This game is REALLY fun if you have spell check, very frustrating if you think words like 'qwerty' and 'cazf' will count.

So what's your favorite of the four? Leave a comment and vote!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Who's Car is better?

Drag Race!

Regardless of the false pretenses I have just established for this video, this is definately the best car commercial in the history of advertising.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Choose your own adventure!

Become Chris Edwards, die in a war or get the Nobel Peace Prize. A wonderful little game made by a great friend of mine.


This boy? girl? person playing the guitar is freaking awesome!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Garry on the Steve Harvey Show

for a geek, he's really got some funk!