Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Guns and Forks

I LOVE this Washington Post article which pretty much says everyone agrees we need gun control.. but nobody will admit it.

Here's the two stances and what's inherently wrong with them:

for the world to be safe without guns.. all guns.. every gun in the world would have to be destroyed... this is as likely to happen as I will stop liking ice cream and candy bars. i know it's bad for me, but it's so so good.

this has worked out great! since we've been working on this there has been no shootings at high schools and universities, no robberies, and none of that pesky shooting your family members in the dark because you think they're robbers. maybe the NRA is right!! wait a sec..

Here's my proposal that the Washington Post article argues (kinda) as well. Let's make everyone who thinks of owning a gun a professional.. so that their gun is not cool, not some movie awesomeness... it's a tool to use to accomplish a task.. like a... like a fork.

Just imagine, if little bobby wants to show timmy his fathers gun it would be like showing timmy the silverware drawer.

As a one time member of the NRA and a liberal voting Democrat, I feel that there SHOULD be control in the form of safety regulations. If you have a license for a car, then what’s so bad about a license for a gun? What is better for our countries protection than an armed citizen group who is trained and knows how to use their weapons? How does this random untrained mob a benefit to the nation? How does an ignorant mob honor our founding fathers and their revolutionary idea of the second amendment? I think a rational approach from both sides would be the best way. It may not stop all crime, but people will be better prepared when crime does happen through these training and licensing programs.

And while we're dealing with how to deal with loners and reach out to the affected in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech Shootings, let's check out what's happening in Germany.....

full article here

wow... slow news day..

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Angela oh Angela!!

I hear laughter is the best Medicine!!

And Again!

Here's a new blog that has a really crappy premise, but i hear the ending is an awesome victory over adversity.... Our friend Angela has cancer and she's writing about the experience and affect on her family and friends. Angela will be the Sean Connery to the cancer that is Alex... here's another funny video! Get well soon LADY!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


But the real question is why? Why Work? So as I'm trying to adjust to the time change, unbury myself here at work, and adjust to this cold as weather... here's some funny for ya found by good ol' katie burke.

and next we talk we'll have photos from the ranch! yeehaw!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Apart for Now

My love,
we are not together today,
and I'm sorry for this,
but let others spend time with you,
for they know half my bliss.

we will be together again,
(birds, hearts, and stereotypes will sing)
with yesterday's same passion,
our love keeps ripening.

we are not together today,
but we will not fold,
to be with you again in many future days,
and i hope i will remember them all,
when i am old...

-original poem from 2-15-02

Kate found this today and i think it would be good to post it here... just because everyone needs a little poetry in their day and maybe, a little love as well.