Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Been a Summer

Wow has this summer flown by! Now it's into my fav. time of year, fall! And fall means FOOTBALL! YAY!

So this summer has proved to be quite a busy and fun one. My internship at Trinity Reformed as been going great and I get to give three more sermons before the year is out. Those dates are Sept 21 (sermon title: Jesus is Punk Rock), Nov. 9, and Nov. 30. Exciting times! I've learned a lot so far on the state of the healthcare system in the U.S., how theology can impact and potentially ruin lives, and how warm and loving people can be.

Classes are starting up here in two weeks, so i'm working on the sermons and stuff through advent to get ahead before i'm overwhelmed by my class schedule. I'm taking worship, Paul and the early church, history of Christianity, and a class to prepare us to go to Egypt in January! Lots of crazy stuff coming up.

The coolest thing net-wise is getting to know some kindred spirits here and reconnecting with some that we left behind in Maryland. Dividing by Zero has kept close contact since we've left and that's a huge blessing. John T. and Society VS provide a skewed view of the world that is both helpful and innovative. Confessions of Seminarians and De-Conversion have taught me how to talk with people I might not always agree with, with respect and dignity.

Summer out! Bring on the football and the colorful leaves!


John T. said...


Thanks for the props. The feeling is mutual. You and Jason have given me some great insights too.

SocietyVs said...

I like how you mention John and I in the same blog - we are kinda weird and take convo's down crazy rabbit holes don't we (lol). I wouldn't have it any other way personally.

It has been great getting to know the both of you - John and Luke - I think we make a good little blog team in my opinion...seems like we always are defending one another on other blogs (lol). Sometimes we butt heads - but even then - we are all so gracious about it (and that's welcome near me anytime).

Luke said...

well when we butt heads it's because you guys are being buttheads. duh! no brainer! ;-)

you guys rawk! maybe a blog with all of us writing should be in order.. that is if you can shut SVS and me up and if John T can writer longer than 4 paragraphs! you must have been a journalism major, so short and well phrased!

Anonymous said...

OMG....New Found Glory.....I used to love this album in college!!! Haha.

I got drunk for the first time listening to this album. (Crazy the memories that stay with you, eh?)