Monday, January 29, 2007

Stars that Clear

Another version of my patent pending HYPERLINK POETRY! For those of you who aren't familiar, i take somes songs and mash 'em together to form a new poem with a cohesive message. i think this fits to my last post.

It's funny how songs just pop up randomly into your life. The day of the last post, i popped in Bright Eye's I'm Wide Awake It's Morning cd and was just hit over the head. The lyrics hit home, said just what i was feeling. i find that amazing. This CD is amazing. It's a mix of dylan, springsteen, and cash rolled into one. i'm surprised i liked it! and then we went to the O.A.R. concert with Jason and Lindsay this past friday at GMU... and they really rocked the house! another time where the lyrics just hit you in the gut and run away with it. I never really listened to O.A.R., but their lyrics are pretty profound. very positive and transcendent. i really had a great time.

so here's the poem that sums up my last post with a mix of Bright Eyes, Death Cab, and O.A.R.

Stars that Clear

If you hate the taste of wine,
Why do you drink it till you're blind?
And if you swear that there's no truth and who cares
How come you say it like you're right?
Why are you scared to dream of God
When it's salvation that you want?
You see stars that clear have been dead for years
But the idea just lives on...
In our wheels that roll around
As we move over the ground
And all day it seems
we've been in between
A past and future town

We are nowhere and it's now

When you are on your own
not speaking out is like fighting alone
and that is the worst damn way to fight
and when you are scared no more
you reach your hand out and just open the door
and thats just what I'm doing tonight

And I'm not sure what the trouble was that started all of this
The reasons all have run away, but the feeling never did
It's not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live
Cause what is simple in the moonlight by the morning never is

And all you see
Is where else you could be
When you're at home
Out on the street
Are so many possibilities
To not be alone

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We are all fascists

Quick post here, as i don't really feel like tackle'n the massive amount of things i must do today. i know the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but i know where that step leads, and i wanna put that off for 10 more minutes.

speaking of putting things off... i've been reading a few blogs and listening to a few friends who keep saying "things will change, i really mean it this time!". i'm getting tired of it. you either are or you are not. transistions don't take that long if you're serious about change. i guess people are secure in their sadness.

the point i'm trying to make is a long one, and i don't have time for that, so here's the short point. We're all fachists when it comes to life. The world is controlled by the ego, the ME worldview is pretty limited. ME is bigger than you, period. So when I'M sad and shitty, I'M not seeing how this effects you, nor do I really care because I can't see past MY own issues/sorrow/whatever. driving people away is not a good thing, esp. when people want to help and get one out of the state one's in. but that all starts with wanting to get out of that state in the first place.

The only way out is breaking the ME worldview and coming into the WE worldview... or at least a me worldview. so that's my response to that garbage.

in addition, hellogoodbye is my current audio addiction! check 'em out!

and the current books i'm reading is START WHERE YOU ARE, Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things, and King's The Shining on audio book. All are completely awesome. Esp. the start where you are book, that's a good book on coming into the WE worldview.

kate and i are still on our battlestar galactica kick... love that show! burrito's bach. party is coming up, so i'm excited for that! lots of stuff in the works! it'll be exciting!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

King of the Dorkdom

some people are very surprised that i was a dork in high school. i'm baffled by this. there is no WAS.... i WAS a dork in high school and still am! don't let the sexy fool ya, imaginary reader, i've got full blown dork in recent weeks.

My best bud Megan told me about this XBOX game called FABLE and how it was the smaw'someness game ever. So i bought it on impluse the other day at best buy and it has already endangered my marriage. yes, it's that good!

FABLE follows the story of a kid whose family is killed by bandits and is taken to a hero training center. he grows up and then starts to make choices and every choice you make turns you more good or evil. people react to you character based on how good/evil it is i.e. running away from the evil dude or having a crush on the good dude. it's very intense and ton of fun... at least for me. Kate is beginning to hate the game (although she'd love it if she ever played it.)

the game play is a mix of Diablo meets Grand Theft Auto and the character is like Link from the Legend of Zelda (THE greatest all-time games in the Lindon household) using the sword and bow. You can use more magic, but i'm still try'n to figure those out. my only gripe is that sometimes the text doesn't show up all the time, so that makes making decisions a little harder.

now and update on the day-to-day activities!

the last couple days at work have been killer. just felt like they've dragged on and that's the least of my worries! yesterday the copier attacked me! here's fotage of the attack when i was wearing my fav. black dress.

my truck is also in the shop, so i get to drive around a rental car! pretty cool right?! nooooo. here's what they gave me:

it's the size of a matchbox. it's like drive'n a roller skate. although it is funny to see a 6'4" dude climb out of a 4' long car. i feel like i'm in high school again drive'n around THE MUTT!

but it's all good. my birthday just passed and i'm 25 which means i can rent that car for cheap and my insurance is coming down! Kate also got me tickets to see the Wizards v.s. The Lakers, Heat, and Celtics! How awesome is that?! Also we went out to Hard Times and had a few beers with our fav. Jaycee friends Jason and Lindsey. Good times!

Til next time! peace!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So this is the New Year

and i don't feel any different...

i know this video doesn't show up on my facebook feed, so just check the blog. i love this band! kate still thinks that they are too affected. or is it effected? i never got that right in Journalism 103.

it's no secret that i don't really like new years... the holiday of the nano-second is not a friend of mine mainly due to the fact that it feels like a holiday of forced fun. however this new years was really fun! and 2007 seems like a year of great changes for the better.

Mom and Val came out with Chance in tow. It was great to see my prissy old dog shy away and stress out about Sonny, the excited loving new dog. We had a great visit and some highlights include visiting the postal museum, the national aquarium, and eating at Pelican Petes (best seafood in germantown!). Mom and I played some Madden 07 and she was pretty good at it!

So all is well and i'll update you, imaginary reader, about the possible changes that 2007 holds.