Thursday, October 02, 2008

On Conservatives and Liberals

Our professor of Theology here at LTS gave a great theological discussion on both candidate's platforms. He states that Obama is a social gospel theology of help the poor, orphan and widow. McCain is a mix of Purtian and Augustine theology meaning the U.S. is the New Jerusalem and every human needs to live for a higher power. He was very fair, balanced, and one could not tell who he was voting for.

I immediately pegged McCain's theology as false because Augustine of course meant God and Catholic Church as the higher power, but there is where McCain's idolatry enters into the pic. Cody on McCain's Nationalism as Idolatry

It's gotten to the point that when i see a McCain/Palin signs i immediately judge them as "not smart" and dellusional. this not helpful as it counters my idea of inclusion, "we-need-everyone" egalitarianism. Why am i thinking like this?

This video helps, watch and learn! Yay for social science! Thanks to Joel and Angela for the find!

I can't wait until this election is over! I like politics and I'm with Obama 100% but I don't like the division that it creates. Thank God BUSH is out of office now let's all work together and start cleaning this place up! A better American now makes a great America tomorrow!

I'm all about the change within parameters. We'll need our conservative brothers and sisters along to help bring those other three channels into play (just as they'll need us liberals to keep from stagnation). So now when I hear someone is voting for McCain, I'm not at a murderous rage, just mildly annoyed. And that's fine, i own that. It's the first step to trying to be in communion with my fellow republican or libertarian or martian sectarian.

Kate brought to my attention this article in the Washington Post about how 33 Pastors endorsing a candidate FROM THE PULPIT! I think this is awful. As UCC's Rev. Eric Williams put it "The role of the church -- of congregation, synagogue, temple and mosque -- and of its religious leaders is to stand apart from government, to prophetically speak truth to power, and to encourage a national dialogue that transcends the divisiveness of electoral politics and preserves for every citizen our 'first liberty.' "

Where do you stand on this issue? Should churches endorse candidates corporately?

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vic said...


Yea Luke!!!! No surprise you're an Obama supporter!! "Rawk ON!!!" Ya know, I heard about this on CNN on my way home from work one night last week, and was appaled that this idea was even being entertained! Yes, if I could have stomped my feet, I would have... but I was driving;therefore, accelerating and braking so frequently would not have been good for anyone following me! So, I calmed myself by hoping that rationale of the General Pastoral Community would put the brakes on this issue FOR me.

I know Bec's dad is a retired/recycled UCC minister, and he's often said, "If I were younger, I would only perform the Holy Union of Marriage. I would NOT sign any legal paper. If a couple needed this, they could also go to the JP for that part!" I commend him, because I totally agree with this idea.

K, gotta fly for now (yeah, wish I really COULD fly... I think I'd know why a dog loves to have it's face outside of the car while driving... plus I'd get from point A to point B quicker!! Oh, forgot, gotta fly...) Catchya lata! Don't think I'm done with this yet!