Monday, February 28, 2005

'It's my 111th birthday!'

she may not be as old as Bilbo Baggins, but she's far cuter. and her feet are a lot less hairy. happy birthday, Kate W. Lindon! (the "W" stands for "wasabi" as in "hot as wasabi")

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Guns of Memorial Park

"At the bottom of the barrel, surprise, surprise... we find our lives so intertwined" starts the latest cd by Sparta.

War it seems has been popping up every where in my life the past few weeks. War is the reason Politik7 (this post is also on that blog): to protest to the Iraq invasion and the current administration. There just seems to be war all the time for me.

In a recent post, i stated that everyone must have a book and cd they are currently listening too.. I will add movie to that list as well.

My music has a very anti-war stance, as does my book. I am currently reading Peace is the Way by Depak Chopra. This book's goal is not to bring an end to war... but an end to the very IDEA of war.

I couldn't agree more with that... esp. after seeing Hotel Rwanda. In the movie, there was really no point to the fighting, completely no reason to leave close to a million victims in it's wake. There are two groups here that were determined by the Dutch colonists way back in the day. One could not tell the difference between these two groups. To kill people, they checked they're ID or went on hearsay.

We need to erase our lines in the sand. Stop our divisions.

Only through division and de-humanization can war happen. Nazi's declared jews non-human just as these two groups declared each other non-humans. Just as terrorist declare all non-believers as non-human. We are all God's children (even those who don't believe in God are part of this group AKA 'Humanity').

Chopra states that extreme enemies become inherit allies. Think very hard on this... Enemies need each other, they are allies in one way. Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Rielly need us crazy liberals to demonize just as Osama needs Bush (and vice versa) just as good needs evil. Enemies need one another so they have a defining example to show not only what they are against but also use the example to figure out what they are for.

Limbaugh for 'family values'. How does one define that general term? Let's define what our 'liberal enemies' are for, and we'll define the opposite of what they do as 'family values'. We were against 'communism' during the Cold War. What is that? Well it's against the 'free marketplace of ideas' that our democracy represents.

Do you see that? Chopra describes it better, but there's your 10 cents worth. Just as i hate the values and mindset that the conservatives or fundamentalists have, i realize they are people too and have reasons for believing what they do. This blog is a forum to discuss those differing views. DISCUSS! Not fighting, not war. Religion won't do that.. unless that involves keeping an open mind that the other is your neighbor. Jesus and Buddha were COMPLETELY against war and yet millions of wars are still carried out in their name.

Keep the 1st Amendment above all else. Talk to those who disagree without trying to change them. Just get a feel for them and keep in mind that they are humans and bleed just like you do. This practice is what will save us and put an end to the very idea of war.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New F150! My company made my valentines day with this little gift... those lovely little scabs. It's a 5.4 v8 with a 6 disc cd player with MP3 reader in it...

here's the interior with this hot model i hired


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rule of Three

It is my humble opinion that everyone in the world should at all times have answers to the following questions:

What are you reading?
Peace Is the Way: Bringing War and Violence to an End by Deepal Chopra.

the title comes from Gandhi's saying "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." I'm 50 pages in and this book literally has the power to change your life (if you're ready). This book is not about ending war... but ending the very idea of war.

"The ego itself has to be disarmed to live the way of peace. For me as an individual to be free, I have to confront myself with questions about who I really am, and this is done in large part by examining the layers of false identity that I mistakenly call me."

Fabulous read... a full report will follow once i'm done

What are you listening to?
ULTRA CHILL 01 is an astounding mix of some of my favorite trip hop artists... like Royksopp, Zero 7, and more... i love love love the calm effect this music has on me. I listened to Royksopp while trop'n around Europe. Very Centering.

Also Sparta. This has a punk feel with the emo-ness of At the Drive In with some political motives like Rage Against the Machine.

Name Three Things You're Grateful For
1. My Wife
2. My New Ford F150 Company Truck
3. Having a solid basketball game (Immodium AD is currently 5-2)

how 'bout you?

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Day of Complete Cheese


or for your pagan folk who celebrate the original holiday... Happy Feast of the Divine Twins (those being Apollo & Diana)

So you may think a romantic gentleman about town such as i have great and grand plans for this eve. you must have a high opinion of me (thanks! i like you too!) But nay. This eve is all about two things.... Papa Johns and Kung Fu. If the lady wants, then the lady gets!

She also gets a "kick ass" personalized song from

The really horrible singing and cheese lyrics, and awkward personalized phrases translate to love! (at least in my book)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Maddy Grass?

Missed 'Maze'n Race? Goofed on Gilmore Girls? Then Television Without Pity is your answer! It's perfect for those too wasted to watch TV. Or if i did i don't remember it cause i was soooo wasted.

Mardi Gras was yesterday and that means a time to gorge oneself on all sins only to repent the next 40 days. Just so you get the idea of what i was doing yesterday, check these out:


Woo Hoo! I am soooooo drunk! I loooooove exposing myself for plastic beads that I will throw away promptly when I get home. I just can't help myself... I am just soooo wasted!

So Happy Fat Tuesday! I hoped you got out there and sinned! I did!

(actually i helped with our church's youth group pancake supper and had 7 points in a 43 to 40 win over the foxchasers. Immodium AD (team name) helps stop the runs and win the game)

The Best Super Bowl Ads

I heart football and advertising, and when those two things come together it's like a day long kegger with a boring half-time show! The awesome website IFILM has them all.

here are my favorites, check them out!

The Bud Light Parachuting one was pretty awesome. Really great way to show product loyalty.

The Monkey Business ones were my favorites! Esp. the part where the chimp picks up the phone and the guy is like "you're not talking to anyone... it didn't even ring!"

the Visa superheros could have been better... but the superheroes looked really generic and crappy. spiderman sounded like a 12 year old! Underdog rules though!

and the sexiest without being too sexist goes to Tobasco! Awesome way to show how hot your sauce is than on the most beautiful canvas ever created (that has a personality and shouldn't be objectified like this commerical sort-of does)... the female body.

what were your favorites?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bree's Gay!

"Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross is set to reveal she is a real-life lesbian by posing for a gay mag.

The sexy redhead - stuffy Bree Van De Kamp in the hit show - will join the likes of Cynthia Nixon and Ellen DeGeneres by coming out."

YAY! Stand and be recognized! I knew i was attracted to her for some reason... i thought i was crazy for having the hots for a stiff mechanical fundie. little did i know she was a lesbian just like me.

Monday, February 07, 2005

picture your pain

as a white ball of healing light. so here's yet another poem with links. this be an original one. hope you all enjoy. i'll start posting happy stuff when i get to that meadow. until then i travel in a bleak winterscape of apathy. did that sound poetic? cool, cause the following prolly won't.

Three Shades Red

Red when i learned of you and him,
as blue when you learned of the lie,
green at those who are better,
red the day the hunter died.

home is stained in crimson rage,
away is a sullen indigo,
grey as the day of super-stition,
the seven days of eating crow.

yellow were the lies of the stickman,
whose words were coated in rust,
black are the memories he left,
that will never collect dust.

silver are the words of the answer,
but many are color blind,
happiness is a shade of red,
it's the question you must find.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Tidy Up

This commercial is further proof that Ikea is the greatest company in the world.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The internet... not just for porn!

I love blogs. well that's not true... i love blogs that are written well and entertaining. evil boring stupid pointless blogs (like this one) should be made illegal with the penalty of 50 lashings with uncooked spaghetti.

I love blogs because it's an excellent way to spend an afternoon when you're home from work sick. do you know what else i love? Nyquil. Nyquil and blogs.

Here are some excerpts from some profound blogs i frequent:

"I can't wait until Kevin Bacon's musical career slows down to the point where he joins friendster, although I'm sure he would probably cause the server to crash and end friendster as we know it, given how many of us there are out there, at work, bored out of our minds, looking to make that connection."
-Kimmmmmmmm works in the area and was a party buddy at OU during Kate's MBA stint.

"Not only does my little sister who has not yet reached the legal drinking age own two flasks of her very own (one of which I gave her as a Christmas present), but she also owns a saxophone!"
-emotional toothpaste is the blog by the Elvis Costello love'n Tracie (the girlfriend of Chris Edwards, one of my bestest buddies).

"At work we had a sign up in the bathroom for a while telling us to wash our hands and get enough rest during flu season or else we'd 'be a Biohazard' to our coworkers. I thought this was ridiculous until I realize that my morning cocktail of red bull and 3 cups of coffee is probably making my urine radioactive."
--Leebert's Journal no clue who this guy is. I found him on Tracie's links and i love the way this guy writes! Anyone with "She's Figured Me Out" lyrics for their headline is a-okie dokie with me.

so there it is! i'm sick and posted a non-sensical shout-out rant that's long over due. tomorrow i go back to work to be half as productive. now it's time to curl up and watch some kung-fu movies.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This Very Cool Column in the ol' college paper pretty much sums up my stance in recent minutes. I'm not too sure if i'm trying to win people over to Jesus, as just get them (and myself) to a better more compassionate place while on this planet (dimension, plane of existence, stage in the game, level in the mario world, dog dish in the apple pie).

I do have my own story with campus crusade. When i was a devout catholic fundie, i thought 180 would be an excellent place to go, after all, a friend was in it and was very popular and well liked. After hearing that all people who don't accept Jesus, people who accept him only half-heartedly, and people born before Jesus, all are going to/currently reside in hell, I was out.

Now i say enough of their tomfoolery and self-ped-stooling (look ma, i inventedly a new werd!). Yay for groups looking to do good, boo for groups of dorks just looking for a place to fit in and make fun of others.

wait... i just did that. Oh well! I (and those like me) TOTALLY RULE!