Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Benediction from Jesus is Punk Rock

Two critiques of Punk music is that it all sounds the same and each song has the same three chords. I contend that Jesus had three chords, namely, love of God, neighbor and self. How many different ways can you play those? Does every church sound the same?

Go forth and make your own tune in the name of God our creator and record producer, Jesus our inspiration and model, and the Holy Spirit who guides our fingers to the right notes. AMEN


SVS stated " Jesus seems like a throwback to old time rock n roll - retro - a call to the innocence and creativity of the genre when it first began (to borrow from your allegory)."

I've posted three songs that work for me that I'd call RADIO JESUS. I want to hear what y'all would post! Post a song in the comments where you sense the divine! What song sings to your heart? What song calls you to be a better person? Where do you meet God/Jesus/the Spirit in music (secular or otherwise)? I'm interested to know what that sounds like!

In otherwords, LET'S RAWK!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...3 songs huh. I will try.

(a) Imagine - John Lennon

(b) Wild Horses - Rolling Stones

(c) A Hard Rains Gonna Fall - Bob Dylan

3 Obvious retro acts. One speaks of hope, one speaks of struggle/integrity, and one speaks almost prophetically.

Luke said...

ooooh Dylan! That's what you meant by retro.. i gotcha now.

I really like "With God on Our Side" by Dylan, you heard it?

really agree with Imagine's creed as well. three great picks! rawk out dude!

john t. said...

Not sure how retro some of these are, but hey they touch my spirit, as do many others.

1. American Pie- Don Maclean

2. Heading out to the Highway- Judas Priest

3. I remember you- Skid Row.

First one kind of reminds me of community, Second, take life as it comes, third, Its the best Love song every written, well at least from my perspective.

Bonus track from recent.

Rise above this- Seether

It speaks of Hope.

Anonymous said...

"I really like "With God on Our Side" by Dylan, you heard it?" (Luke)

I had considered it - but it's more a tale about the use/abuse of God's name than about much anything else. Fitting for our day in age - but I like 'Hard Rain' for the lasting message on destruction (which Jesus has in his message also).

I am going to see Dylan in concert on Nov 1 - I am a huge fan. This will be my first time seeing him - but it's a must.

Anonymous said...

"1. American Pie- Don Maclean

2. Heading out to the Highway- Judas Priest

3. I remember you- Skid Row." (John)

We must be around the same age - Skid Row - damn!

I never thought of American Pie - but I really love that song - it's about Buddy holly and his influence on early rock n roll pioneers. It makes me cry the odd time when I think of the th impact of his life and death.

You know if I had one more obligatory addition:

'When the Music's Over' - The Doors

Just like the creativity of the Doors - and their original style. Maybe something by the Who would of also been nice to add in.

Judas Priest - I play a lot of RockBand and they have a whole album by them on their 'Screaming for Vengeance' - it's friggin awesome to play. I especially love 'Take the Chains' and 'Pain and Pleasure'.

John T. said...


You will get a kick out of this, I read an article from a Christian group talking about the negative impact of some music. They listed "Take these Chains" as one talking about S&M.......freaking hilarious considering its a Love song.

Take these chains, take them off of my heart ;)

RJ said...

Three songs... "Reason to Believe" by Springsteen, "Mysterious Ways" by U2 and "A Thousand Beautiful Things" by Annie Lennox... or maybe "Hiding All Away" by Nick Cave? Thanks for the chance