Sunday, September 07, 2008

OUR Image of Jesus

An adapted sermon from Leadership NOW (Thanks to Zoe!) and from the Iona Community given at the Trinity Picnic on 9-7-08.

Nancy: It is of supreme importance --

Luke: that we get our image of Jesus --


NANCY: There are too many blithering idiots -

LUKE: Well meaning people!

NANCY: Religious nuts!

LUKE: Church leaders – denominational and institutional hierarchies!

NANCY: Conservatives & Literalists!

LUKE: Bleeding Heart Liberals and Socialists

NANCY: Political Elitists

LUKE: Wacko revolutionaries!

ALL: Who are leading people ASTRAY!!

NANCY: So listen carefully – JESUS

ALL: As we ALL know

LUKE: Came from a model family --

NANCY: What?! His mother was pregnant when she got married!

LUKE: And lived in a secure and loving home.

NANCY: They were refugees – his parents had an arranged marriage!

LUKE: He had a wondrous childhood…

NANCY: About which we know nothing!

LUKE: He was mild and obedient – a holy child!

NANCY: He ran away when he was 12… was gone for 3 days – and didn’t feel much remorse!

LUKE: He spoke with love and compassion to all.

NANCY: He was rude to his mother more than once – and said “You’re not my father” to his step-father.

LUKE: Jesus was the model working man.

NANCY: Doing what? He was impoverished, never held a job that we know of. Ran around with the wrong crowd and kept company with sinners and criminals!

LUKE: He was a model capitalist and encouraged entrepreneurship in others.
NANCY: He told Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew to give up their jobs and leave their families.

LUKE: He kept good company

NANCY: I think we’ve been around this bend!

LUKE: He had a good word for everybody.

NANCY: If you think “vipers, blind guides and “hypocrites” are compliments!

LUKE: His conversation was deep and centered on the finer things in life,

NANCY: bread and dough, sheep, pig farming, prostitutes for dinner, tax collectors for lunch.

LUKE: He never dabbled with controversy.

NANCY: He just claimed to be the Son of God – and urged people not to support their government or obey their parents or their religious leaders!

LUKE: Jesus never upset anyone!

NANCY: with the simple exception of priests, Pharisees, pigeon sellers, the wealthy, the religious, the Roman government, and anyone who suggested that they might know how to live a pious life!

LUKE: He was respected in religious circles

NANCY: Which must be why they plotted to have him arrested and killed!

LUKE: Jesus was a man among men

NANCY: And women!

LUKE: He was a man of God.

NANCY: He was a man who called himself the Son of Humanity!

LUKE: In his majesty we see God at work

NANCY: In his humility we see God in person!

LUKE: That’s why he was worshipped and adored!

NANCY: That’s why he was tortured and crucified!

LUKE: Jesus isn’t here now

NANCY: He rose on the third day.

LUKE: So we have to wait until he comes again.

NANCY: But he sent his example to guide us.

LUKE: He will bring the Kingdom of God with him.

NANCY: We have to celebrate his love and acceptance!

LUKE: We have to save souls and tell people where they are sinning!

NANCY: We need to look at our own lives and find the path to good and grace.

LUKE: We need to be religious leaders!

NANCY: We need to be faithful followers!

LUKE: We need to stand up and be counted!

NANCY: Humbly!

LUKE: Onward – Christian soldiers!

NANCY: Onward – Peaceful servants!

LUKE: We are a mighty army!

NANCY: We are the Body of Christ!

LUKE: It is of supreme importance --

NANCY: That we get our image of Jesus –



Brian said...

I like it. Good reflections on common views and realities.

LUKE: So we have to wait until he comes again.

Is this your belief or you speaking a line in a play?

Luke said...

hey brian! what we've set up here is that Nancy is reciting views of the bible and the social gospel. What I'm reciting is views of 'tradition' that tries to take away, i feel, all the hard work of Christianity and make it "respectable."

in short, it's a line in a play. my beliefs mirror what is said by Nancy in the skit.