Thursday, September 25, 2008


Toothface has been transformed. Check out the new look!

Also added some new gadgets here at the home of DA RAWK! Instead of just a list of friends blogs, here's a tool that shows the title of the last post and when they posted it. Pretty slick stuff there.

Also added is the "Follower" gadget where you can follow this here blog. I'm uncomfortable with the word "follower" for y'all as i know you aren't buying everything i'm spouting. I chose "Fans of da RAWK!" (as that seems to be my catch-phrase) because it shows we can have disagreements and discussions here.

First week of classes down, lots of reading to do, so I'm back on it. OU Homecoming this weekend as well, looking forward to checking out Athens again and seeing our OU friends!

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