Thursday, September 18, 2008

Every Word I Say is a Sneak Attack

we had a great intensive week here. before school officially starts for the fall term, the 1st and 2nd year classes have 'intensives'. Last year we visited churches and discovered the theological worlds.

this year we talked about family systems theory and how we deal with our emotions. facinating stuff! despite all appearences, i LOVE systems. i love looking at them, making them better, and especially critiquing them. systems can be helpful frameworks in finding connections and order in our chaotic world. Family systems theory states that "all this has happened before and will happen again" and your family is to blame for how you react and cope with anxiety. we had to do genograms (family trees with emotional symbology attached) and it was enriching and eye opening.

the only crap part of it is that we theologians can debate anything to death. the first day we had to break up into three groups and the profs wanted to watch how we did it. we went around the circle and each said our peace. it came down to either pulling names out of a hat or counting off by threes. when people couldn't decided where to start counting, everyone save 3 people voted for names out of a hat.

simple right?

nope! we then debated over how ethical our choice was, whether it was "right", was anyone left out or voice not heard?

caring souls, each of my friends here at seminary. even minor tasks take on great implications. it really came into light that there are some people who are task oriented (let's get this goal accomplished) and others who are process driven (that goal isn't as important as the HOW). Which do you see yourself?

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