Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Lord and My God

i'm in a poetic mood... so i'll keep going.

tell me about your God,
is it a he, she or other,
does it tell you to embrace your sister
or shun and kill your brother?
does it like babies and children
does it ever show it's face
did it write a book
or with science keep pace
does it keep on forever
can it be worshipped any place
would you dare to name it
is it a Sue, Bob, or Mars
would it walk among us
and hang out in some bars?
would it answer prayers
would it speak in confusing riddles
the voice so musical
like a cello or a fiddle?

i can't tell about mine
it's just too big for words
i try with all my might
with nouns, adjectives and adverbs
and nothing seems to stick
it's too close for comfort
and no doubt that it exists
it's not that often
i get glimpses just sometimes
here and there and everywhere
something terrible and kind
i wish i could say more but
these glimpses they are fleeting
this God can be found
in anything with meaning
a mother and a father
creator of the human race
a source of hope
a giver of unending grace.


Anonymous said...

(a) Loved the poem - well thought out

(b) God is complex - so complex I dont think I can ever quite get it

Anglican Gurl said...

Hey! I know where this came from, it was from the discussion with Questor at DeCon. Great stuff Luke!