Monday, April 20, 2009

Eve Elizabeth

here's your first look at Eve E.

everyone said that having a baby changes you, changes your world, changes everything! and they're right! i'm more astonished at life and the wonder of it all... it's amazing.

i really can't fathom anyone being an atheist now. like i could sorta see it, but now i think i've been pushed over the edge by the birth of my first child. this kid has aspects of me, aspects of Kate, and some combination of the two... or even stuff that we have no idea where it came from! (and this is only day 5!!)

it's all too perfect of a system, too well designed, thought out, it functions pretty awesomely. and since everyone has been born, you'd think we know everything about it... but we don't. we have the chemicals to induce birth, but have no idea how these things occur naturally. we have no idea why women have Group B streptococcus (GBS), nor why it kills some babies and not others.

just like the world... we can figure out a lot of things in it.. but we can't account for it's existence. we can't account for why things are they way they are, why humans act like they do, why gravity is and how it acts (because it's no where near as uniform as we once thought).

anywho... i love this child. i stare at Eve, i take joy in her even when she's wailing to beat the band. i can't account for how she is or what she will become, but i will take joy and soak up the wonder and awe of it all.. i will be a witness.


Sally said...

Beauuuuutiful!! Awesome and inspiring! You guy's make pretty babies!

Yael said...

Thanks for sharing! Babies are pretty amazing, that is for sure. I have to smile at the doting father! Good job, Dad. Good job. :)

Anglican Gurl said...

I LOVE that Vega 4 song, really fits with where you are in life.

I guess the whole new view on atheists explains your absence over at De-Con. It's for the best, you guys were talking past each other.

My best to you and your family! What a beauty you have!

Our Family said...

I am sitting here crying - so happy for the two of you. Our family can't wait to meet your beautiful little boogie.