Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Baby Comet... i mean cometh!

so Boogie is due soon...

Kate and I feel like we're standing on our front porch and watching a comet come at our house. we're pretty sure it's gonna hit us, we just don't know when. we think we're prepared for it, but who know what the aftermath will look like.


but have you seen a better looking mom-to-be? i don't think you can get better than my wife here!

can't wait to meet this little person i've been talking to for 40 weeks or so... i'm a little nervous about becoming a dad, but i figure that since Kate and I are decended from the most successful parents in human history.. our caveman and women ancestors survived long enough for us to get here, so that relieves some of the pressure.

i'll keep y'all posted on when Boogie arrives.

Rule of Three:


Watching: Joan of Arcadia, the complete second season.

Reading: UnChristian, what a new generation really thinks about Christianity and why it matters by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons.


Cody said...

Are we leading parallel lives? I am also reading Unchristian and OBSESSED with Taylor Swift. My sister gave me her old ipod and I've been too lazy to put other music on it, so Taylor Swift has been on repeat for the past two weeks.

But I'm not having a baby. I'm excited you are! Expect some handknits soon.

Anonymous said...

Well early congrats on the child and becoming first time parents...I remember when that was me waiting for my first bundle of joy and our level of expectation as we listened all night to the baby's heartbeat inside the womb...wait...that hasn't happened yet (void my last sentence - lol).

I think you'll make a great dad - you have the personality to be able to lift spirits - and children need that kind of attention - but don't forget to pay attention to your wife also!

Our Family said...

I am SOOOO excited for you 2 to become parents - I think you'll both do a great job. That little comet, er, boogie, um, baby is sure going to make your lives topsy-turvy for awhile. But, hopefully, in only good ways!

Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions about how to 0put on a diaper (cloth or disposable - we do both), how to get spit-up out of almost any fabric, or give the bambino a bath without the use of a baby bath contraption.

And yes, Kate is a very beautiful pregnant woman!

Erudite Redneck said...

In seminary AND a papa to be?? Dude.


RJ said...

it is a true blessing to be a dad, my man. i have two wonderful daughters, both are probably your age: 30 and 32! but it seems like yesterday i delivered them (we were such hippies!) and while there have been tough times, it is always a blessing. i pray health and joy for you in these early days and patience and grace as your baby matures. god bless you all!

Tit for Tat said...

Blessings on you both. Kate, you look fabulous. Youre looking like a pretty healthy mama. Denise and I pray things go smoothly for you. We'll be up to see you sometime this summer or fall.