Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Thoughts

Jesus came into the world to save it.. so the Christians want you to believe.. but what has changed? did this peasant from some back water town, who got himself killed on a tree by an imperial power as well as a religious institution he was a part of do any good? Uncle Globie paints a picture here:

Jesus lost.. he was dead, buried, and abandoned by his followers.. these followers who never really got what their teacher was saying to them, these followers who swore that they would follow him anywhere... gone as soon as the going got tough. then they soon discover that the tomb was empty. Jesus walked the earth again.. this wasn't just a resurrection for Jesus, it was FOR THE DISCIPLES AS WELL! hope resurrected... those who lived in fear, trapped in their upper room devoid of faith, those who pledged publically one thing and then did another, those who were imprisoned and all but dead from their lack of hope... they soon began to speak fearlessly about what they believed, they left their upper room, they began to live as they said they would and fulfilled their promises... and above.. .they never lost hope.

so despite what Uncle Globie says... i still have hope.. and here's another picture of what hope can do for everyone (thanks to RJ for the find!)

HAPPY EASTER! and to those of you who aren't Christian... please accept my wish and prayer for you to have a resurrection... not of faith so that you believe like me.. no. but a ressurection of hope! so that you may overcome whatever obsticles you are facing in your life. be well. proclaim your hope boldly and loudly.

may we all do the happy dance together, with all of our different ways and thoughts on dancing. peace to you!


Anonymous said...

I can't help smiling at that last video. It reminds me of the eleventh commandment:

Thou Shalt Do The Dance

(From Evan Almighty)

Justin said...

Happy Easter!!!

Tit for Tat said...

Well he did reaffirm for me, that white men cant dance. ;)

vic said...

Luke, love the video... LOVE your message!!

Sally said...

Loved the dancing video...awesome and know that I am unapologetic in my hope that folks will come to believe in the risen pressure, no cohersion, no judgement from me if they don't...but out of a desire to have them share in the joy, forgiveness and eternal life he offers.