Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grey Area

a man walked up and said
"i've studied the scriptures and i need to decide,
my grandma so recently dead,
what happens when we die."

now i'm a skeptical man,
who thinks the grey areas should be mined,
i said "i dunno, but maybe so,
things tend to turn out fine."

this man, a scientist and all,
said "show me evidence of your find."
"what good is evidence," I said in reply,
"when aeronautics and science can't say,
why a bumblebee should fly."

i cannot tell you nor should i say,
it is up to you to decide whether
from what you feel and what you know
if there's an otherside, and if we'll be there together.

now he's a skeptical man,
no grey areas are fine,
everything must be backed up
every reason to the rhyme.

he said he concludes
life is linear like a horizontal line,
from birth to death with no deviation,
where it stops on a dime.

that's a perspective but for me
i must disagree
i simply don't see it so
each life is a raging river
each with an ebb and flow
and everyone reaches the sea.
for life is concentric circles,
and this here you can test,
that reality defies categories
and each circle is enmeshed.

and the wind when it blows,
it's older than Cairo,
more ancient than the sands,
or our joy or our sorrow.

and from this talk well he just walked,
but got to thinking...
of all the truth and what's the use,
what's worth believing?
since all our lives can't be verified
is truth still worth seeking?
life's not a test but still do your best
search for ideas worth keeping.
and when we die we might just fly
all along on the wind that's breeze'n.


Anonymous said...

great poem!

Our Family said...

Beautiful poem!

Erudite Redneck said...


Anonymous said...

Good poem. For some reason my work firewall blocked me off you website as pornography yesterday. Probably due to the offensive nature of your poem :). I put a quote from Jim Palmer's "Wide Open Spaces" on my blog yesterday which I will paste here as it is relevant. "For years I was taught that ‘faith’ is believing there is a God even if you can’t experience him. Maybe instead, faith is believing that what you are experiencing is God.”

amy said...

Nice. Really enjoying your blog--I found it via de-conversion. Lots of food for thought here!