Thursday, April 02, 2009

Friends on the Side

Just a run down of some of the peeps on the side over there >

Cody Crashes the Last Supper
he was a peer mentor this past summer, is in undergrad in phila and is a wonderful person and chef. his blog i think is the only one to offer theological recipes.

the DeCons at De-Conversion may seem like an odd choice for a seminarian to have. this is not a "keep your friends close..." sorta move but more of a "you learn the most from your harshes critics" deal.

Blair Divides by Zero is a sci-fi fan who introduced us to Firefly. we met him when Kate and I were part of the Gaithersburg Germantown Jaycees. He's full of mischief that one!

KT askes does God Have A Nose, Chris romps in the Garden of Eden, Greg is an NT Geek, and Sally Yields to Pedestrians. I attend seminary with all of these folks and they all provide wonderful perspectives on this shared trainwreck called seminary. Greg is one of the conductors, the prof of New Testament here at LTS. great blogs all!

I'll cover more later, but for now, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I like this, giving a blurb about your other friends. Helps me know you a bit more too.

Kate said...

I love the analogy of Greg as one of the conductors on the trainwreck called seminary. At least it's a fun ride!

Sally said...

FIREFLY!!!! Awesome ride!! Facinating sci fi AND religion!

Anonymous said...

Now I know all the seminarians I have to 'take on' in a battle to the scriptural and bloody agonizing death! I keed.

Thanks for the intro's!