Tuesday, February 01, 2005


This Very Cool Column in the ol' college paper pretty much sums up my stance in recent minutes. I'm not too sure if i'm trying to win people over to Jesus, as just get them (and myself) to a better more compassionate place while on this planet (dimension, plane of existence, stage in the game, level in the mario world, dog dish in the apple pie).

I do have my own story with campus crusade. When i was a devout catholic fundie, i thought 180 would be an excellent place to go, after all, a friend was in it and was very popular and well liked. After hearing that all people who don't accept Jesus, people who accept him only half-heartedly, and people born before Jesus, all are going to/currently reside in hell, I was out.

Now i say enough of their tomfoolery and self-ped-stooling (look ma, i inventedly a new werd!). Yay for groups looking to do good, boo for groups of dorks just looking for a place to fit in and make fun of others.

wait... i just did that. Oh well! I (and those like me) TOTALLY RULE!

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