Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Maddy Grass?

Missed 'Maze'n Race? Goofed on Gilmore Girls? Then Television Without Pity is your answer! It's perfect for those too wasted to watch TV. Or if i did i don't remember it cause i was soooo wasted.

Mardi Gras was yesterday and that means a time to gorge oneself on all sins only to repent the next 40 days. Just so you get the idea of what i was doing yesterday, check these out:


Woo Hoo! I am soooooo drunk! I loooooove exposing myself for plastic beads that I will throw away promptly when I get home. I just can't help myself... I am just soooo wasted!

So Happy Fat Tuesday! I hoped you got out there and sinned! I did!

(actually i helped with our church's youth group pancake supper and had 7 points in a 43 to 40 win over the foxchasers. Immodium AD (team name) helps stop the runs and win the game)

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Anonymous said...

I love Television Without Pity! I usually read the 12 page reviews of Lost to see what subtle nuances I missed (or maybe caught). And, it's funny... you freak.