Friday, January 28, 2005

Free Verse!

i wrote this in my truck today as i did 301 miles (exactly! i went to charlottesville for poo's sake!). i think i'm going to be writing a lot in the next couple days, i'll keep y'all posted.

Pimple Panic
by Luke

pimple popper,
pop'n pimples,
stop stressing,
keep it simple.

job stress, responsiblity,
keep your hands off your face,
kick back with no jealousy,
no one is taking your place.

life can be so unfair,
buy the new Wheatus,
if you keep touching down there,
you'll get one on your... upper thigh.


Kate said...

Ah, teen angst. ;-)

mai said...

You need to find a publisher, Luke. Strange, but profound.