Monday, February 07, 2005

picture your pain

as a white ball of healing light. so here's yet another poem with links. this be an original one. hope you all enjoy. i'll start posting happy stuff when i get to that meadow. until then i travel in a bleak winterscape of apathy. did that sound poetic? cool, cause the following prolly won't.

Three Shades Red

Red when i learned of you and him,
as blue when you learned of the lie,
green at those who are better,
red the day the hunter died.

home is stained in crimson rage,
away is a sullen indigo,
grey as the day of super-stition,
the seven days of eating crow.

yellow were the lies of the stickman,
whose words were coated in rust,
black are the memories he left,
that will never collect dust.

silver are the words of the answer,
but many are color blind,
happiness is a shade of red,
it's the question you must find.

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