Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Best Super Bowl Ads

I heart football and advertising, and when those two things come together it's like a day long kegger with a boring half-time show! The awesome website IFILM has them all.

here are my favorites, check them out!

The Bud Light Parachuting one was pretty awesome. Really great way to show product loyalty.

The Monkey Business ones were my favorites! Esp. the part where the chimp picks up the phone and the guy is like "you're not talking to anyone... it didn't even ring!"

the Visa superheros could have been better... but the superheroes looked really generic and crappy. spiderman sounded like a 12 year old! Underdog rules though!

and the sexiest without being too sexist goes to Tobasco! Awesome way to show how hot your sauce is than on the most beautiful canvas ever created (that has a personality and shouldn't be objectified like this commerical sort-of does)... the female body.

what were your favorites?

1 comment:

Kate said...

Fed Ex-Kinko's (with the 10 elements of a great Super Bowl ad) and the monkey ones from "this report doesn't make any sense!"