Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Seminary Metaphor

Last year, I wrote a letter to a future seminarian comparing their journey to wine grapes.

When talking to Chris a few weeks ago, he mentioned how easy it is to get overwhelmed here. I stated that there are 3 possible responses to being overwhelmed, I now will say 4:
1. Do Nothing. There's simply too much, best just to sit in class and see what topics are brought up from the readings rather than reading them.
2. Trudge Through It. Might not get to all readings, but cover enough to feel comfortable.
3. Speed Read. Skim all of the materials. You cover all the stuff but the comprehension rate suffers. I'm most guilty of this.
4. Read It All. This means you will sacrifice all community interaction, relationships, and your sleep suffers greatly.

My new metaphor for seminary shows my video game bias as it is particularly violent, but i think it gets the point across. Leadership NOW! peeps will prolly recognize this metaphor (as i have no real original materal, just constantly rehash old stuff ;-)).

Seminary is like a ZOMBIE-INVASION.

There is an outslaught of some-what dangerous looking things heading your way and it's easy to get overwhelmed here. How to survive a zombie-invasion is quite easy. You pick off the ones closest to you and keep aware of where your ammo is. Those who panic and aren't focused will be removed of their brains. Keep your feet moving, only rest when you've check all possible points-of-entry and keep your reloading stations in mind.

If you loose sight of the ammo stations, the profs will point you to sites where you can pick up new weapons. profs are smart enough to know how best to equip you, they won't give you Process Theology weapons if you're a Karl Barth wielder and vice versa.

like i said, rather violent, but shows my age and my addiction to video games and horror movies. RAWK ON!


Sally said...

I admit I'm not cool enough to get the video game stuff but Zombies have been around a long time so I get that. I have to say that I deal with the work differently now in my second year and also now that the church is up and running. Sunday seems to come every week no matter what's on the school docket.
Hope your Thanksgiving "break" is grand!

-KT said...

Dear Luke-

Help! I panicked and lost focus, and have been de-brained! Send reinforcements!!

P.S. My pet zombie hates your guts...but loves your brains...

Luke said...

@ Sally: YAY Zombie movies! have a blessed turkey day!

@KT: looks like a video-game or movie night is in order! let's do it! more details to follow in your email. RAWK!

freestyleroadtrip said...

Reminds me of medical school.