Sunday, November 02, 2008


Come if you're in the area! It's gonna be a RAWK'N good time!


Anonymous said...

Which I was in Lancaster to check it out. Looking briefly at your stuff I see you are an interesting mix. How do you find it is to be skeptical and change your view of your Christianity within the Church of Christ? My Nazarene heritage would not allow it. I am labeled as lost and as a heretic and had to get out (which seemed rather like what I always thought leaving a cult may be like) to be able to ask questions outside the boundaries. My wife and I now are involved in a more missional believing congregation.

Luke said...

hey freestyle, welcome to this side of the blog-o-sphere!

i'm part of the UCC, United Church of Christ ( which is very different from Church of Christ. Skepticism is my hermenutic given my family of origin and my experience growing up in the Roman Catholic church.

for me, NO question is outside the boundaries... mainly because if you're asking in love of God, neighbor and self is all that constitues bounds for me.

my quest becomes not a search for the right answer, but for the right question. a different spin that has served me well in my journey thus far.

clear as mud? thanks for checking out the site and look forward to what questions you bring to the table and cause me to think about! RAWK!

Tit for Tat said...


Be careful, Luke is not a skywalker, he may pull you to the dark side lol.

Luke said...

what John T fails to realize is that Darth Vader is a Skywalker

and if thinking is the darkside than call me Darth Toothface!