Thursday, May 01, 2008

Letter to a Future Seminarian

It's the end of my second semester. Wow has this new venture flown by! Who knows where the time has gone. We had to write a letter to a future seminarian and i think that's what sums up what i've learned here this second semester... here's what i learned the first in case you missed it.
Dear Discerning,

Let’s talk about grapes for a second. My wine loving friend here at LTS once told me a story about how good wine is made. There are a few spots where good grapes can be grown because the climate in America is too perfect.

“Too perfect?!” I asked, “Perfect grapes make bad wine?”

“Yes,” He responded, “For great wine to be made the grapes have to suffer. Suffering adds nuance and builds character.”

This is what seminary will do to your spiritual character. It adds nuance, character and depth. And you will suffer and wrestle with new concepts, methods of reading the Bible, and LOTS of papers to write. However, the community here will help you through it; faculty, staff and students alike.

Jesus said, “I am the vine…” (John 15:1) so that makes us grapes! So come to LTS! Fall is the perfect season for wine, I’ll see you then.

A fellow grape on the vine of Christ,



Anonymous said...

This is what life does to you. Life is not meant to be perfect. You must build character and find out who you are and what you are meant to do. You must also understand that all are going thru this. We are all at different points in the journey. Give them a break! Everyone needs understanding! (and maybe a kick in butt once in a while!)

Luke said...

well suffering is GOOD! for a grape at least.. and for ppl.