Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lay Your Burdens Down

Blair thought he was clever, he thought he knew my secret. And yes, he got it partly right... I am a cylon and yes I do have a plan. What Blair failed to realize is who else would be a cylon... Yes, you're looking at it... The new Airforce One!! Obama is NOT a socialist, muslim, terrorist be-friend'n human, he's a CYLON! Note the message of hope and love of neighbor and how he never says "gods" but "God" and that God is usually involved with love somehow.

We have tried before but the American public saw right through our disguises. John Kerry and Al Gore were early models, so their stiff, robotic functions were apparent. Not so with the new models.

And time for the other secret... speaking of new models, Lindon Version 2.0 will be downloading in early April. Kate and I have made a hybrid and will be proud parents!!!! We're calling this model "Boogie" because s/he looks like s/he's dancing when they're on the ultrasound (alien pic is from 9/11/08, Kate's currently at 18 weeks). We're not finding out the sex because 1. we already know cause we're Cylons, and we have a plan and 2. there are so few surprises left in the world, we figured we'll hit you with three.. a Cylon President, a Lindon Hybrid and the awesome name of Boogie (we're leaning toward for a boy Landon Lincoln Lindon or for a girl Madison Addison Lindon)

So how's that Blair? Didn't know all the secrets did ya? ;-)


Blair said...

I'm holding in my hands an envelope. This envelope has been sitting in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar, located on Funk & Wagnall's porch since noon on October 21 (that is, since shortly after you revealed having a secret).

Opening the envelope, we find a handwritten note saying, "Kate and Luke are expecting a kid!"

OK, the mayonnaise jar and the note are made up, but I did wonder if that might turn out to be the secret.

Or, put another way, Congratulations!!!

Sally said...

Tell Kate to aim for April 8...yes, April 8 is a very fine date for a birth...

Tit for Tat said...

Luke and Kate

Beautiful sight isnt it. I offer my congrats and condolences. My Mom and Daughter are Aries babies, Luke my friend you will have your hands full ;)

Luke said...

@Sally, the exact due date is April 8th! go figure ;-)

John T, thanks for boy joys and concerns for me.. i'll take all i can get!

victory4angela said...

Woo hoo! A Lindon baby! Congratulations, you crazy kids. :)

Luke said...

thanks Angela!