Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've Got a Secret

Blair over at Dividing By Zero has found my secret plan... He states in this post here that I am part of the cylon religion.

the opening credits of BSG state:
The Cylons were created by Man
They Rebelled
They Evolved
There are Many Copies
And They Have a Plan

I am a cylon! only my credits would look like this:
Religion was created by Man.
Jesus Rebelled.
Christians Evolved.
There are many copies.
And they have a plan.

maybe? no? i'm still working on it.

and since i said that I would remove Blair.. check it out! Blair

REMOVED! HAHHAHAHA! Now the evil league of evil will have to accept my application!

Oh, and i do have another secret... one that Blair won't find out, not until i'm ready to reveal it! MUWA-HAHAHAHA!


Blair said...

Unbeknownst to Speed, Racer Luke is actually his long lost brother Rex who ran away from home years ago.

Dude, the narrator voice told us that secret years ago!

Luke said...

drat! thwarted again! ;-)

Blair said...

Somewhat more on the topic of your post however is an article on the Battlestar Wiki about the Cylon Theology.

The "in a nutshell" version is that God created humanity, but the humans turned out to be flawed. So God directed humanity to create the Cylons. In order for the Cylons to take their place as God's chosen people, they have to eliminate the humans.

It's an interesting explanation of Cylons' motivation (aside from the fear that the humans will hunt down and destroy the Cylons).

I don't know whether it's intentional (you'd think so though), but that belief would certainly parallel that of the ancient Romans. According to Roman theology, before creating humans, the gods first created the race of the Titans. The Titans eventually turned against the gods and were subsequently displaced when the race of man was created.

(Does that sound familiar? Because we also have this "Luke" character who upon being recognized as a Cylon, vows to remove the guy who did the recognizing....)

Luke said...

yeah dude! great nutshell condensing there.. i'm with you the whole way.. another connection can be drawn between the christians and the jews... God created humans and blesses a nation (jews) and that nation turns out to be flawed and cylons seek to destroy their creators (christians) claiming they have the true path to God.

super-sessionist track so far here but both groups are under mimetic stress and find out... at least in the season finale that they have to work together to get to where they want to go.

i think the show i brilliant and one can sure draw massive amounts of theological and philosophical comparasons to it... i really should blog about it more!