Friday, January 01, 2010

Year in Review

Holy crap! This year was PACKED full of fun!

first and foremost EVE WAS BORN! and so was I.. born again as a dad.. it's been great to watch Kate mother Eve as well. there's a thoughtfulness, compassion, and planning nurturing that comes out. we love that little girl!

with the help of my compadres here at LTS i filmed a few short films for my church history class. To date Reformation the Sitcom has had around 250 hits on the whole series. that is 245 more than i expected! I knew my mom, wife, and in-laws would view it, but i was surprised to find other ppl did, too! here's the whole YouTube Playlist:

I also went to Egypt, and here's that playlist:

I installed Google Analytics on the site in August and I'm happy to report I've had around 1,000 unique visits and 2,000 page views. that's pretty slick for this little page of rantings and ravings. I've also made new friends like Sabio, Coffee-pastor, Al, and ER. good peoples! hit the "friends" sidebar for their sites.

My sermons are doing well, the biggest would be Start Where You Are.. followed by The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached.

Things are looking up for 2010. it's too bad that we just have two more years to live...

here's what's upcoming in 2010 on the site:
  • A sermon at my home church on 1-17-10. stop on by if you're in the area!
  • Ordination Paper: what i need to write if i want to get a call, i'll need your help, dear reader.
  • A book review of Marcus Borg's Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time.
odds are i have been pretty silent in the blogosphere as it is the holidays (i am writting this on 12-18-09) so i hope your holidays have been kind and that your hangover isn't too bad as you read this. i know mine won't be, as i'll prolly just be watching a movie with the wife on the couch and hitting the hay before 11 p.m. anywho, thanks for all the conversations, debates, agreements, grammatical corrections, speeling error forgivenessesesz, and in general, for reading and considering. looking forward to new topics and discussions in 2010!


Sabio Lantz said...

Luke, you are a privilege to know. Have a fantastic year ! Best to you and the budding family.

Yael said...

Happy New Year! I'm giving a sermon at shul the week before you're giving yours so that's keeping me occupied at the moment. I plan to post mine after the fact and hope you'll do the same.

Anglican Gurl said...

The Reformation sitcom is how I found your blog. I was researching Erasmus and his impact on our theology and polity and stumbled on your youtube channel. Really enjoyed our year together and look forward to the next!

We have started off the year rather rough. We all have gone down with a 24 hour flu bug that seems to be circulating in these parts. Hope you guys are okay, this bug is nasty!

Al said...

Just watched the Egypt trip, and will enjoy checking out the blog from that time as well.

It's been great beginning to get to know you. HNY!!

Luke said...

Sabio: Back atcha man! have you read the Five Minute Manifesto? Talking about inclusivity in your last comment reminded me of this... so named because I wrote it in 5 minutes. ;-) i am happy our paths crossed and we're still talking! yay!

Yael: New Year? what are you talking about girl, your's was months ago ;-D. I'm looking forward to reading your sermon!

AG: thanks for the reminder! i always wondered how you found my blog. and yeah.. we got hit with that very flu bug you're talking about... NOT fun.

Al: thanks for taking the time to check the vid's man! it's been a great time getting to know you as well! i've enjoyed your Advent posts! HNY to you and yours as well.

Yael said...

And just think, there's another New Years, Tu B'Shvat, the New Year of Trees, coming up later this month for me to celebrate!

Sabio Lantz said...

@ Luke

Indeed, I just read your Manifesto and responded there.

@ Yael

There are many New Years to celebrate. Chinese will let you celebrate theres, Indians theres, Mayans theres, etc... That is, unless those in the club consider themselves special or choosen and won't let you celebrate.

Year markers are arbitrary.
Clubs are arbitrary.
May we spend the New Year realizing what is arbitrary and what is essential !

Sabio Lantz said...

* theirs (smile !)

Coffeepastor said...

Happy New Year, Luke! Glad you found me, and I in turn have enjoyed your blog.

Yael said...

The more the merrier. I celebrated the Chinese New Year in Singapore once. Now that was fun!