Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Five Minute Manifesto

There are no civilians. No neutral position. All action or inaction is for or against. There is a war going on for your mind.. if you are thinking, you are winning. Resist labels, deconstruct concepts, get to the praxis and groundings of every theory. If there is theory without practice, it is meaningless, if there is practice without theory, it is thoughtless. There is no race but the human race, no them; only us. Divisions are made by us into we into I. the individual can no longer stand as the sole unit of society, but how the individual fits into the larger whole.. for it is not who we are that defines us, but what we can do for others.

All free minds to the front, all free minds to the front! We are building a new society, you’re welcomed to share your gifts in building it. We need every man, woman, and child.

We’re taking back the world now… thanks. COEXIST.


Anonymous said...

Commie. ;p

Anonymous said...

Love it as a motto - for the canon even. I fully think there is a war for the minds of the people - knowledgable and ignorant...and we need minds of peace - not minds of war. I think the ideas in co-exist are good ideas for faiths to realize in the 21st century - the world isn't going to be blind anymore!

SocietyVS (wordpress shut down for a few mins)

Anonymous said...

Love it...partly because it sounds like it could come directly from "The Matrix Revolutions." AWESOME.

Sabio Lantz said...

Sounds nice, I guess.

You said:
if there is practice without theory, it is thoughtless

Said like a true Believist -- a creedalist ! Taoists may pause to doubt here.
無爲 Wu Wei captures some of this.
But aphorsims (and you just made a paragraph of them) are tricky. They work best on those willing to get excited about them.
Rawk !!!

You wrote: for it is not who we are that defines us, but what we can do for others
Service is important but at neglect of ones own garden, the mind, service is inevitably polluted. Buddhist, I think, may ask questions here.

Service is good.
Working on self is good.
Thinking is good.
Being is good.
All in balance, all in limited realization.

-- Sabio (smile)

Luke said...

"Said like a true Believist -- a creedalist !"

umm... or pragmatist as it's straight outta Dewey, who is also Christian.. so yeah.. but i do admire Taoists as they look a manifestos and say "... ?" and there's a part of me too that does that as well.

and good point on the service to others as well.. i presupposed boundaries, but i like your addition! thanks for the considerations!

Sabio Lantz said...

My pleasure.
And you for your enthusiasm !