Monday, May 07, 2007

You can't pick your family

i say this every time i'm frustrated at idiot customers, crazy beltway drivers, and when my family freaks out. this reminds me of the bond of humanity and that everyone passes your way for a reason. it reminds me that we're all children of God and that we're all loved the same by God. my idiot customers teach me tolerance and humility and that they think i'm an idiot just as much as i think they are. the beltway drivers teach me to not be a hypocrit and be conscious of how well i'm driving. my family freak outs teach me how much love them and want them to be happy.

thomas jefferson said "Every generation needs a new revolution" and i'm lucky enough to have one everyday. they aren't huge ones like over coming cancer or struggling to feed myself or how to decrease my carbon output.. they don't need to be. but small revolutions in perception are key. a little each day will add up to something grand.

no one said life is easy. it is esp. hard if you try to live a Christian/Buddhist life... or any religion for that matter. Christianity is HARD. It's not meant to be easy. our religion is based on a guy who was nailed to a tree for being nice... and then came back and was nice again after death. He either didn't learn his lesson, or being nice is more important and sustaining than everyday life is willing to admit. christianity is not for the faint of heart. so if you decide to call yourself that, be conscious of your decision.

so enough of that metaphysical ramble! lots of things happen'n here! all good things but incredibly huge things. great movement is about to take place. more on this when i'm at liberty to say. good things are also happen'n in the movies, we saw spiderman 3.. and it was good but not the best out of the three. i liked when he was being agressive and was fighting new goblin. the action scenes were great... the love story a little weak. the problem of superhero stories is that the director must keep it real and not run into the realm of hokie. this director failed on this call on a few occations... but no where near the failure of the fantastic four did. keep spidy real and grounded and not dancing around a jazz club to show his ex-girlfriend what's up.

here's an awesome movie i can't wait for!!!!

good ol' neil gaiman! AWESOME! and there's actors that i actually KNOW in it too!! sweet dude!

so i charge you guys to strive to be better ppl and to read every neil gaiman book you can! life is good, God is love, transcedence is a step away.

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