Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Guns and Forks

I LOVE this Washington Post article which pretty much says everyone agrees we need gun control.. but nobody will admit it.

Here's the two stances and what's inherently wrong with them:

for the world to be safe without guns.. all guns.. every gun in the world would have to be destroyed... this is as likely to happen as I will stop liking ice cream and candy bars. i know it's bad for me, but it's so so good.

this has worked out great! since we've been working on this there has been no shootings at high schools and universities, no robberies, and none of that pesky shooting your family members in the dark because you think they're robbers. maybe the NRA is right!! wait a sec..

Here's my proposal that the Washington Post article argues (kinda) as well. Let's make everyone who thinks of owning a gun a professional.. so that their gun is not cool, not some movie awesomeness... it's a tool to use to accomplish a task.. like a... like a fork.

Just imagine, if little bobby wants to show timmy his fathers gun it would be like showing timmy the silverware drawer.

As a one time member of the NRA and a liberal voting Democrat, I feel that there SHOULD be control in the form of safety regulations. If you have a license for a car, then what’s so bad about a license for a gun? What is better for our countries protection than an armed citizen group who is trained and knows how to use their weapons? How does this random untrained mob a benefit to the nation? How does an ignorant mob honor our founding fathers and their revolutionary idea of the second amendment? I think a rational approach from both sides would be the best way. It may not stop all crime, but people will be better prepared when crime does happen through these training and licensing programs.

And while we're dealing with how to deal with loners and reach out to the affected in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech Shootings, let's check out what's happening in Germany.....

full article here

wow... slow news day..


Anonymous said...

Most concealed carry laws require certification and traing. The NRA is all about training. I agree. Lets have trained folks.
We do have gun control laws but apparantly not the right ones.
Remember, there are knives in the silverware drawer. And A lot of damage can be done with a fork! Ma.

Luke said...

i just wish everyone had my training growing up... that's what i mean.. guns aren't a big deal, they're a tool.

Schooly said...

Instead of focusing on guns, don't you think the focus should be on identifying and helping (or permanently imprisoning) the criminally insane?

You argument about guns being tools sounded good to me at first, until it shot itself in the foot (pun intended.) Wouldn't a madman just use another dangerous tool as a means to an end? Should we be blunting every pointy object just in case a crazed killer gets a hair up his or her butt?

I think the killer did view his guns as tools- tools to kill and destroy. That's what he wanted to do because he was mentally ill. He very easily could have slashed people with a knife or blown people up with explosives. He chose the tool that he wanted to use.

Luke said...

yeah.. that would be a better route to go... thanks for the clarification! i guess with everyone talking guns, i missed the true point.

thanks for that!

but i stick by my stance on guns... but now completely remove the VT Massacre from the argument.

Anonymous said...

Thinking on this more and reading schooly's comment, here are some more views:
How many deaths are caused by cars? Cars are licensed. We have lots of car training. Lots and lots of laws about cars and suchlike. Very, very large cause of death. Some are intentional. No one wants to ban cars(well, Al Gore,except for him and his family)Just another tool.People think of guns as solely a weapon to kill when actually they are for the most part more like a padlock on a building, or a security system. There if needed and if madmen or criminals know they are there a deterent. easier to go wreck havac elsewhere. We should address the madmen(or women) but often we don't know til they come out guns ablazing. I want my gun,knife,car or fork with me to be my tool of defense.