Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get'n my Robe On

Sooo.. I've alluded to a big change coming up way back in previous posts and now i can finally say it! I'm gonna be a minister!!

Yeah. that's right. Standing up and speaking every sunday at a church. Kate and I will be move'n to Lancaster PA so i can study at Lancaster Theological Seminary. Kate will be my sugar mamma as her work has an office in Harrisburg PA. So we're moving in on 8-26 and I can't wait to start! My work has been very supportive and although sad to lose me they are happy at my choice of profession.

So what does that mean for this blog? Can i still post things like this?

YES! I'm a minister, not a priest! It's good to be a protestant cause you can marry and have kids! Yay for UCC!

Also in honor of star war's 30th anniversary, here's another post to celebrate and so Rasmus won't be sad that i forgot. I mean, with a name like Luke, you gotta love this movie. I think I'm named after it cause of the following reasons:

1. It was 1982
2. Star Wars Rules!
3. Cool Hand was in the 1960s, so I couldn't be named after him (plus he's a convict with no Jedi powers)
4. The author of the Bible is what my mom says, but you know what they say... "The pen is mightier than the sword but ain't worth a steam'n pile of dog poo against a lightsaber"


Kate said...

Ahahaha, I love the 2nd one with Jackass!!

Ron said...

Rev. Dude to be! That's cool. I'm bummed that you guys are movin' away though. I'm sure all of your friends are that way with you guys.

The Star Wars spoof is a riot!

When you get your ministership you'll of course have to let us know and we can make a group trip to come to a Sunday Churchin' up time with ya!