Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I can't believe they killed one half of the 2 best characters on that show! Chloe being the bitchier half of the Potato Face/Truffle Shuffle tagteam that saves Jack's ass more times in 60 minutes on 24 than you or I breathe.

24 is officially the "show I love to hate". I hate the president for being such a freak'n whiny bitch. I hate how everyone is unable to talk about their feelings person to person, but get the feelings through uninterested third parties. I hate freedom-hating terrorists. Yet somehow, I sit down and watch it every week. It could be because Jack is the baddest-ass thing to hit TV since Arsenio Hall, or Chloe and Edgar's "I-HACK-A-TRI-BETA-SL4-SERIES-CODE-BETTER-THAN-YOU" give-and-take is funnier on accident than Dane Cook is on purpose.

Now they've taken away Edgar, that loveable tub of lard. His death made Kate cry! As Kate's husband, I'm avowed to punch anything in the nose that makes my wife cry...and since 24 doesn't have a nose, I'll keep watching til it does.

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