Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Only This Moment

This weekend my cousin GARRY is visiting!!!!!!!!!!!! We love visitors! He comes to us from the merry 'ol land of Athens. Yes... THAT Athens. The land of long nights and early hangovers. The land of green and white, where you study for exams all night. This, the second day of spring, makes me nostalgic for spring quarter at OU. The fun at Stroud's Run, trips to Lancaster, a Smashing Pumpkins concert in Dayton where we stayed at the fabulous Mr. Nick Rediger's house... oh yeah.. and all the girls with no clothes on. that was cool too.

The end of my freshman year at OU, as I waited for my family to pick me up, I surfed around on the internet and fell in love with Mysterious Mose.

Found on my favorite site at the moment, Transbuddha, it was a great flashback to really take me back to Athens. Then i realized i was sitting in an empty dorm room and, although i had more hair, i was BROKE and had no PlayStation 2... AND I WASN'T MARRIED!! EEEEEEKKKKK! so then i came back to the present and happily sold more drywall and called my wonderful wife.



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