Monday, March 27, 2006

The Proof is Within

A very busy weekend was had by all as my cousin Garry visited this past weekend. Once I shutterfly the pix, you will know all about it! This weekend did prove two things, first and most important is the fact that you can verb just about any website... like google or shutterfly.

Stinky Pete: Hey man, don't live in such prevarication!
LuLu The Dancing Panda: I have no idea what that word means...
Stinky Pete: Why don't you Google it!
LuLu The Dancing Panda: And i'm a talking and dancing panda bear, why don't you take a picture and shutterfly it?

The second thing was that everything changes. Change was the main theme of Garry's visit, and then i picked up a book that was all aboooot change. It is one of my father-in-law's favorite books called Who Moved My Cheese. It's a simple and very easy read, i finished it in about an hour and a half. It's a simple tale of two mice and two tiny humans who live in a maze and one day are faced with change: someone moves their cheese. Reactions vary from quick adjustment to waiting for the situation to change by itself to suit their needs. This story is about adjusting attitudes toward change in life, especially at work. How these guys got so small and why they're in the maze and even how their tale got out from the maze is not explained. And neither is the tale of when the cheese runs out and the two little guys kill and eat the two giant mice and then fall in love just like Brokeback Mountain. (sorry.. cheap joke).

Also here's a nifty little quiz to help further your view of inner-self (the results might surprise ya): PersonalDNA | Your True Self Revealed - Fast Fun Free Personality Tests

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Nick said...

This doesn't have to do with this post...but I did want to tell you that Dixie Chicks' new song, "Not Ready to Make Nice" might be something you want to check out...great lyrics and very poignant to the whole controversy surrounding their "ashamed he's from Texas" comments. I think you can watch the video on Yahoo Launch or on their website