Friday, January 14, 2005

Dave Barry - Elegy for the humorist. By Bryan Curtis

Dave Barry, who quit his syndicated humor column last week,: " has been playing dumb for 22 years. Whenever someone suggests that Barry is our noblest social commentator, that he regularly makes the lions of the New York Times editorial page look like bozos, Barry points out that this is impossible, because, unlike most Timesmen, he takes great pride in making booger jokes. Let us ignore that objection and repeat the suggestion. Dave Barry is�was�the most heroic newspaper columnist in America. He hides his considerable candlepower behind a jokester's guise of 'Don't trust me, I'm just the comedian!' Or, as Barry once put it, 'Readers are sometimes critical of me because just about everything I write about is an irresponsible lie.'"

I LOVE DAVE BARRY! His best book is Boogers are my Business along with every other book he has written.

So after losing my radio station, i now have lost my columnist. next they'll cancel Knight Rider. I'm surprised that the show has lasted as long as it has and with the same look. It's gotta be a record that rivals the Simpsons.

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Kate said...

This stinks! But maybe Barry will still write books, just no columns. I thought DC101 was your radio station?? I mean, 99.1 was OK, but the sports junkies? Come on! Snooze-o-RAMA. ;-) Love ya!