Thursday, January 13, 2005

Radio is Dead!

WHFS Changes Its Tune to Spanish ( "WHFS-FM, the Washington area radio station that was a pioneering purveyor of alternative rock to generations of young music fans, did a programming U-turn yesterday by ditching the genre for a Spanish-language, pop-music format that transforms it into the largest Spanish-language station on the local dial.

In an instant, the station abandoned the likes of the White Stripes, Green Day and Jet for middle-of-the-road superstars such as Marc Anthony, Juan Luis Guerra and Victor Manuelle"

I'm officially pissed. I know i should be worrying about the tsunami victims, Iraq, and how much $$ Bush is spending on flaunting his own ego next week... but did ya have to take away my favorite radio station? Now I admit i listen to the Elliot in the Morning radio show, because the "Junkies" just plain suck (and they all sound the same and use 'junk-ligo' which is just slang that pre-dates Jock Jams). But after Elliot, i tune in and hear the best mix of rock i've ever heard. of course it had to die.

And yay for the hispanic population getting their acknowledgement of being a viable market. I could be spiteful, because the acknowledgement of their validity comes at my expense, but good for them. If i was fluent, i'd listen to El Zol too just to be supportive. But damn dawg.

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