Monday, March 01, 2010

Step One Done!

I am on step closer to ordination. My local congregation graciously accepted my call and asked really great questions about the ordination paper... through which i had a bad bout of seminarian's disease and had long, complex answers for things that should have been shorter. that being said, they agreed to forward me onto the committee on ministry, meeting set for March 16th at 11 a.m.

so yay!

i've been reading a lot of Christology and Islam books for class. more Steinke and such... and also listening to The Silversun Pickups

and watching movies like Zombieland, The Hangover, and The Hurt Locker. I enjoyed all of them!

so there's your update, what are y'all watching, reading, and listening to?


Anglican Gurl said...

Alright, congrats! RAWK as you say!

We just watched Zombieland and loved it. I'm reading "Eat Pray Love" and I've been listening to Natalie Merchant's Tiger Lily.

Cannot wait to hear how the second round goes. Best of luck!

Jacquie said...

Way to go you! Congrats!!!! As for your questions:
I have a child who thinks he owns me... So I've been watching the Little Mermaid and Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat (don't ask) reading Parker Palmer and a Terry Pratchett's book "Reaper Man." Listening to Harry Chapin and Old Metallica (I need new music.. really... me luke... help...). Love ya Dino!

Yael said...

Congrats! Was watching Olympics, now old movies. Not reading much. Hurts to hold books for long. Hurts more to type. Get to be lazy.

Al said...

Congrats, fer sure, eh? Sounds like you probably created enough snow for your local congregation to hold your own Olympics!

I'm reading Brian McLaren (just finished his latest), and Sara Miles--2 extremely excellent books.

Listening to Iron Horse (Fade to bluegrass--bluegrass tribute to Metallica).

Tit for Tat said...

Congrats Luke, Denise and I will come listen to you preach this summer.

Anonymous said...

"what are y'all watching, reading, and listening to?" (Luke)

Watching - Canada won 14 golds and whooped America's *ss in the gold medal hockey game...lovely. I also have been continously watching 3 to 4 a week on a variety of topics - from police training to science to ancient cultures to theology

Reading: A book by Rabbi Steven Greenburg on homosexuality and the Jewish interpretation; Rabbi Neil Gilman's book on the term 'God'- directed at inter-faith relations.

Listening: I love rap - so I have been listening to some Game, Notorious BIG, 50 Cent, and Method Man. I also have been listening to a lot of classic rock.