Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Party of NO!

some thoughts from the good ol' unidactyl

with added commentary from a classmate who thought it was really funny... this is what you get when you're bored in class, do drawings, and then leave said notebook open to said drawing during break. ;-)


Sabio Lantz said...

I can't understand your cartoon, but if it is trying to make fun of those who opposed this horrendous bill that just "passed" through the US congress, I couldn't disagree more.
Sunday was a sad day for all of us. Unfortunately, time will tell.

Kate L. said...

If you mean "sad day" as in the racial and homophobic epithets that were hurled at some lawmakers, then yes, I agree.

Luke said...

i'm happy the bill passed, and unhappy that those crying about deficits are happy to spend trillions on wars to keep you feeling secure than an actual bill that *might* do the job without bombs.

where were the alternatives? i didn't hear any good plan... and taking out the public option sucked, but time indeed will tell. i think it's a step in the right direction. where was the outrage on "closed door meetings" when Bush and Cheney were meeting with oil companies to pass an "energy" bill 8 years ago?

the CBO states: "the package would trim deficits by $138 billion over the next decade and by around $1.2 trillion in the decade thereafter." looking forward to reading what was passed and challenge you to do the same.

Anglican Boy said...

I am disappointed in my own party for not trying to find a middle way. Surprisingly, I am for health care reform. I am just not for this bill. I think your cartoon is right on.

Sabio Lantz said...

Yeah, I knew my comment would be unpopular. But that ain't foreign to me.

Just some thoughts:

1) >50% of the populace is against this

2) sometimes no change is better than bad change

3) if there are good things in a bill, the bad things can outweigh them

4) economics is not something most people really intuitively understand to any significant degree

5) Health Care Cost needs to have checks on it.

6) This is controversial, won't be settled on this blog. Glad you all are happy. I think this bill will be a financial disaster and hurt more people than you hoped it would help in the long run.

7) I have been wrong many times in the past. This could be just another one of my errors.

Anonymous said...

I be like Sabio, and hesitant as well. However, I did read an article on Reuters that i found interesting. The initial actions in 2011 are all ones I can support. So maybe this won't be a bad thing. Of course, I'm completely covered by my company here and fear not the evil empire of insurance. If I had my way, all the insurance scallywags would walk the plank! Profit driven companies are in no way capable of taking care of people, only their bottom line.

Anonymous said...

I'm not American but I am glad the bill passed. Health Care Reform is needed - and this is just an early step to possible bigger reforms - it set a process up where this can happen (now and in the future).

We have socialized health care where I live and it has it's share of problems (fact). However, people are never turned away at the door when they need help - no matter how poor they are - and if this issue alone is being addressed everyone should be cheering in your country.

No greater love has no man than to lay down his ego and let another have to same rights they enjoy.