Friday, March 19, 2010

Good News, old post, and other such things...

GOOD NEWS! This past Tuesday I went down and had a good meeting with my conference peeps and had a discussion on my ordination paper. Today, i received the news that:

Last night the Board affirmed our recommendation that Lucas be approved for an Ecclesiastical Council for Ordination Pending Call.

(Lucas is my "official" name)

So that's pretty freak'n sweet! The Ecc. Council will be sometime in June. Ordination pending call means that when I find a "call" or a church position, that is when I'll be ordained. exciting times!

Old Post: I did more reading on Christus Victor and have discovered my popular post of the same title is actually mislabeled. I talked about the satisfaction theory posited by Anselm while Christus Victor posited by Gustaf Aulen is in opposition to the satisfaction theory. I will do a new post soon about the differences and usually the two are mixed in Christian circles. I need to flesh both out and have done a little preliminary work in the old post as I have gone back and edited the old post. Going for accuracy as per Sabio's example.

Other Such Things: My Ohio Bobcats knocked off Georgetown in the first round! AWESOME!!!

The rule of Three: Book: John Dominic Crossan's Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography

Movie: Kundun is a fantastic film about the Dali Lama's life. Great music and atmosphere and directed by Martin Scorsese. pretty awesome stuff.

Music: Getting in an Arizona state of mind, here's one song on heavy rotation aside from all the country-western stuff like "i'm an old cowhand"


Anglican Gurl said...

Fantastic! Congrats!

Sabio Lantz said...

Awesome -- may heresy spread !
(said with affection)