Friday, August 14, 2009

Robbie the Rookie Zombie

but first a recap: a dear reader friend sent me this link from Torah: Rain for the Soul. SEE! I knew i wasn't original in this thought. Turns out Rambam had this interp of Genesis from the 1100s, and it's not unique to him!!! turns out we can learn a lot from other faiths if we shut up, listen, and stop trying to convert or damn them to hell.

Genesis Chapter 2: Well i guess this is growing up!

another awesome quote from that site: Those who learn for the sake of learning find the Torah sweet; those who learn for ulterior purposes find it bitter. (Zohar, iv, 229b)
so Dear TV Preachers,

stop putting the Bible through YOUR rubric of supporting conservative, capitalist, and sexist (among other -ist) values. learn for the sake of learning. struggle with it, learn from it, and be transformed by it. don't transform it to suit your needs and context. maybe why you're angry at your fellow humans (i.e. the gays, unbelievers, nonbelievers, nonChristian, Liberal Christian, Emerging Christian and secular-types, etc. etc. etc.) is because you're bitter. just a thought, could be wrong.


now for FUN!

Robbie the Rookie Zombie

once upon a time there was a boy named Robbie who was bitten on his pinkie by a zombie. turns out that he turned into a zombie, but still had full use of his cognitive capabilities. so he decided to get up and go out and do what zombies were supposed to do.

but he couldn't remember what zombies were supposed to do all day. he then remembered reading somewhere that zombies were always looking for guys named Brian. so that's what he did. each day he'd go out and say "Brrrrrrriiiiiaaaaannnn.... BrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiIIIIIaaaaannn.... BBBBRRRRRiiiiiAAAANNNN..." until someone would say, "I'm Brian, how can I help you?" and Robbie would shake his hand and go home.

This left Robbie very unsatisfied and not to mention very hungry. But Robbie kept doing it, but asked if the Brian he met that day would buy him dinner. Most would (Brians are nice like that) but the food just didn't taste right to Robbie's zombified taste-buds.

One day, after months and months of being a zombie, Robbie ran into another zombie. He asked the zombie, "Hey, what's up with this Brian thing?" and the zombie was stunned!

"Brian?!" the zombie scoffed. "It's BRAINS! BRAINS, YOU IDIOT!"

It was then that Robbie realized that he had misinterpreted the text, and that he was also dyslexic.


LoShem said...

Good story of Robbie! Thought of a book you would likely enjoy reading: The Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis by Leon Kass.

Yael said...

What? No applause for the Rambam from your friends? Dude, I think you have your work cut out for you!

Anonymous said...

Just now got the time to read this post and the link. I really like that take on Adam and Eve. The applause that Yael sees lacking I offer. Very good stuff, my friend.

Yael said...

Thanks, Doug. Sometimes my cynicism becomes more evident...

Anglican Gurl said...

I told my boys that story and they howled! They loved it, even though I think they thought it a little corny.

I'll have to get them to start reading your blog too!

And Yael, I had no idea that Rambam had this idea too. Wonderful!

LoShem: That is a clever name! It means, no name. Google is a great tool, ;)

Yael said...

Anglican Gurl,
I have to confess, LoShem was me just sharing a bit of cynical humor with my friend, Luke, about the loss of my name.

You did well picking up the meaning! I'll have to test you with a harder one next time. LOL