Thursday, August 20, 2009


English royalty behaving badly! starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, about a love story that spans decades. something goes wrong and lovers are separated.

this movie is all about the idea that objectivity is a myth and all history is revisionist. there is the question of culpability as well as the ambiguity of guilt.

the most interesting thing is how Atonement doesn't happen through religion, or even in the real world. it happens through art. art is the new medium of forgiveness... the new priests are the artists and the creative imagination being the tool that can heal a fragmented world.

always look to see why the story is being told.. is it out of guilt, kindness, or "hey this is funny/cool/sad!" i loved this movie because i'm all about art! finally a movie that puts poetry back to what it was! the teacher of humanity and the balm for our souls... that's in Gilead? i dunno.. check out this film.. and i heart Keira

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Anglican Gurl said...

I too, loved this movie. And thanks for the short summary, I loved the Defiance summary, but I am happy I won't waste too much time at work, HaHa!

Art as salvation... I see a lot of poetry in your writing. You definately rely on symbol/nonliteral stuff and I love it. You are an artist! Keep at it!