Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer Reading

Reason, Faith and Revolution,” by Terry Eagleton that just had an excellent review here at the NY Times blog.

When Christopher Hitchens declares that given the emergence of “the telescope and the microscope” religion “no longer offers an explanation of anything important,” Eagleton replies, “But Christianity was never meant to be an explanation of anything in the first place. It’s rather like saying that thanks to the electric toaster we can forget about Chekhov.”

Eagleton likes this turn of speech, and he has recourse to it often when making the same point: “[B]elieving that religion is a botched attempt to explain the world . . . is like seeing ballet as a botched attempt to run for a bus.” Running for a bus is a focused empirical act and the steps you take are instrumental to its end. The positions one assumes in ballet have no such end; they are after something else, and that something doesn’t yield to the usual forms of measurement. Religion, Eagleton is saying, is like ballet (and Chekhov); it’s after something else.

plus i'm also going to read Entertainment Theology, some Kierkegaard, Robert Capon, some preaching texts, as well as Heidi Neumark's Breathing Space. lots of great books, hope to mainly be posting pictures of Eve and book reviews this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion on that Eagleton book. I will be reading that for sure. Have a growing stack of books to read right by my bed. I will never get them all done. But I heard someone somewhere once say that you don't have a good library if you've read all the books in it. There should always stuff in your stack that has yet to be read by you. So I am going with that.