Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lay Committe Evaluation

written by a really smart lady on my lay committe.

Evaluative comments I or others have made about the work of this student include:

Luke needs to slow down when giving a sermon. He should read the scripture verses the night before so he remembers which ones he is making reference to. He should refrain from drinking on Saturday nights so he isn't too hung over on Sunday morning. Some like it because the service is over quicker.

The strengths and/or improvements of the student are:

Luke is good with the youth. He taught them how to cheat at Texas Hold'em and how to fool a cop if you get stopped while intoxicated. When he took the youth on a field trip and the bus driver lost his keys, Luke showed the kids how to hot wire the engine. He told them it was a trick he learned in prison. Almost all the kids made it back and the other ones will be out of the hopsital real soon.

He is good at getting the attention of the congregation when he moons them. He is very knowledgeable; every week we learn something new, for instance I didn't know that it is legal for pastors to smoke marijuana. And I found out that Easter is when Jesus comes out of the tomb and if he sees his shadown we have six more weeks of winter.

He is innovative, for instance serving pizza and beer for communion was real popular.

The older people didn't care for his foul language so they left the church which helps because now there are more places to sit on Sunday.

The weaknesses and/or areas for futher growth for this student are:

It would be good if he showed up on time once in a while. I know he is busy but I'm sure he will get around to reading the Bible someday. But he probably shouldn't refer to the Trinity as "Daddio, Laddio, and the Spook."

I believe that this student is well qualified at this time to perform the following tasks required in the practice of ministry:

Youth pastor or Janitor.

(I think it's a good sign when a congregant thinks this much of you to write something this creative and funny. how blessed i've been to have found TRUCC and people like this author!!!! RAWK!)


Anonymous said...

OMG that was too funny. She (whoever it is) hit every nail on the head with this review. Thanks for sharing.


Tit for Tat said...

Geez, and I thought I was far from G-d as a Teenager. Now I know better. ;)

Yael said...

Now that's funny.

Erudite Redneck said...

LOL! What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Especially "Daddio, Laddio, and The Spook." That is awesome.

For some reason my corporate firewall has excluded you. But, being the cunning dude that I am, I have logged off the corporate network and logged on to the guest network. It is sometimes very excited to find a way around the rules.

vic said...

While I found this to be very amusing, I'm still trying to figure out what a "Lay Committe" is? SPLAIN?! lol.... TOO FUNNY!

Our Family said...

She obviously shares your love of humor and respects it enough to make use of it herself in a very effective manner. This also shows that religious types can also have a terrific sense of humor!

Luke said...

hey vic! a lay committee is a group of folks from Trinity who are charged with evaluating my performance over the course of my stay at TRUCC. they evaluate my sermons, they give tips on how i lead worship, and are generally awesome.

i'll give you the names when next i see you. this is, of course, different than the Char-Killing Committee.

amy said...