Sunday, December 21, 2008

Plans, Advent Skit 12-21-08

Luke and Kate and sitting in the pew pouring over papers and talking very closely, Pastor Nancy at the pulpit.

Pastor Nancy: This is the final Sunday in advent, next week is Christmas.. so as we prepare (Notices Luke and Kate)… My dear intern, what seems to be troubling you? (Luke still pouring over papers) Hello? What's up with this… Hey (whoever is doing the sound) turn on his mic.

Luke: yeah, put them there… wait.. the Crockett's are coming? I thought they were staying here, we're not even related to them.. and Mark's such a picky eater.. wait… (Figures out his mic is on). He-He… umm.. Pastor Nancy, I can explain!

PN: I'd love to hear it! It's not like we're getting ready to worship or anything!

L: Well, you know how I said to buy one less present…

PN: oh yeah, and how you yelled at me for my RC Cherry Red Hummer for my grandkids.

L: Yeah! Well our families thought that was such a great idea that none of them wanted presents!

PN: WOW! That's great!

L: Instead Kate and I have to plan the Christmas party and dinner.

PN: That's not quite what you meant.

L: Tell me about it! Now Kate and I are all stressed out cause we can't sit Andrew next to Steve or Margaret next to Frank cause they don't like each other…

PN: well I'm sure that..

L: (continues without hearing) and NOBODY wants to sit by Aunt Mildred and somehow the Crockett's are coming, but they only know us and then the kids table is just a mess cause those kids are a mess and they never listen and they're always coming to the adults.

PN: OKAY! You're stressing me out now! Why not to a buffet and let people sit where they want?

L: AND MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I DIDN"T PUT ANY WORK INTO IT?! (getting hysterical) you don't know what kind of message this would send, what would people thing of me? I'm a poor student, that I can't AFFORD gifts and that I can't do simple thing like putting on a dinner for everyone, are you CRAZY?

PN: Well, what have we been saying about all the stress and hassle? That's not what the season is about! It's about God in the unexpected, right in our personal relationships with each other.

L: We mean that?

PN: Yeah! (indignant!) So let this slide away and let us begin to worship. Please stand for the call to worship.

L: Okay Kate, we'll figure this out after the service.

PN: Ugh, there's no reaching some people, please join me in the call to worship printed in the bulletin.

"...Every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time."

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Anonymous said...

I like the skit - I like the new type of movement to a variety of ways of looking at church and scripture.