Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

It's Decemberween! YAY! Happy Holidays to all! They're still not better than your hot cousin Debra.

What's coming up, you ask? Well I'm going to Egypt in January. From 1-7 to 1-22 I'll be out of the country... but I'll be posting up my exegetical paper on 1 Corinthians for your reading and hopefully, massive discussing.

so to all those in the blogosphere, to the Canon of TK, Matt, Mark, and John, and to all the good peoples of the world, may peace be upon you and your holidays filled with friends and family.


Yael said...

Merry Christmas and enjoy that trip to Egypt. My kid will be going to Israel for the summer. One of these days I will go as well...doggone kids always sucking up all my money!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the killers!

Meery Christmas to all the canon as well - and happy hannukah to the T to the K.

Have a great time in Egypt Luke - I know it will be one of those eye opening experiences.

Anonymous said...

Luke. Have a great trip and Merry Christmas. I will be taking a medical mission trip to Haiti in June 2009 (doing a 70.3 triathlon on the 14th and leave for Haiti on the 15th, RAWK) so I will be glad for any advice you may have when you get back.

RJ said...

Blessings, safety and merry Christmas.