Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advent Skit 12-7-08

written by Luke and Pastor Nancy, performed at Trinity Reformed UCC in Mountville PA.

Luke: Today we're going to hear about the Annunciation. That's when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her "hey, you're gonna have a child and name him Jesus." Man, what a story! but image what that would be like if that were you! I know if a few months ago, someone came up to Kate and announced not only her pregnancy but also the name of our child, why i'd hit that guy so hard.... (notices Nancy).... uhh.... Pastor Nancy?

Nancy: (still going through the newspaper) Yeah?

Luke: I was talking about Gabriel...

Nancy: uh huh... (distracted voice)

L: And how Gabriel visited Dean Thomas and said he was pregnant.

N: That's nice.... i heard that... keep doing what you're doing – I’ll be with you in a minute.


N: What?? Yes I am – or I mean to! I'm just a little distracted today. I found out my grandkids want a battery operated, miniature replica of Hummer – red – with doors that open and shut, a real horn, back up lights and fake ignition keys!! And let me tell you – these things do NOT come cheap and I’m trying to find the best deal!

L: Well can't that wait? We're getting ready for worship and...


N: Hello?

L: umm... You’ve GOT to be kidding!

N: oh yes, is this Ebay? I had a question about that item #4567. (keeps talking....)

L: seriously?! She’s taking the call...(to the audience) this is... uhh.. unbelievable... what should i do....

N: (As if she doesn’t know what’s going on) “Now what exactly does “gently used” mean?

*Luke gets cell phone out of pocket and dials*

N:– uh huh – and you can have delivery to St. Louis by when?? Oh! Can you hold? This call might be from the manufacturer – “Hello – is this General Motors?”

L: PASTOR NANCY! (*shocked look, looks at Luke and gives a shy smile... Luke continues:
“What's the deal, i just talked last week about centering the season on Christ and you're acting like a nutcase today!”

N: That’s PASTOR NUTCASE to you, my boy!! But hey, you're right. There's just so much to do and I just feel so pressured. I really feel guilty not living near my grandchildren so naturally I want to give them everything they want!! But, ok -- maybe i shouldn't have used this time to think about all the stuff I have to do.

L: Listen – far be it from me to tell you how to celebrate Advent – but didn’t MY sermon last week mention something about “guilt giving”??? Is that Hummer really what you want to give your grandchildren that will leave a lasting impression?? Maybe you need to focus a little bit more on what’s going on here rather than making lists and taking phone calls during the call to worship!!

N: OK – You’ve made your point! I’ll worry about the Hummer later!

L: (Looks totally exasperated – he hasn’t gotten through at all!)
L: To the congregation: “Won’t you join me in the call to worship printed in your bulletin – and PAY ATTENTION!


Anonymous said...

I always think i can act - I can get into character some of the time when I feel it. Skits are kind of a semi-passion of mine - I like the medium...and its use in a church service - brilliant if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

I like watching skits but don't ask me to be in one. My INTJ-ness just doesn't jive there very well. And I have done it so I do have the experience to back my dislike up. Although it does stretch me which is good. In the end I'd rather watch.

Blair said...

What with the cell phones being involved, I can't help thinking if it's a "call to worship", shouldn't you be asking them to join you by dialing 717....


I'll be here all week! Try the veal!

Luke said...

SVS, we'll have to co-write a skit sometime!

freestyle, good to see the Myers Briggs helped you enjoy skits to the fullest ;-)

Blair that was awesome! haha!

Anonymous said...

"SVS, we'll have to co-write a skit sometime!" (Luke)

Good idea - I just posted one on my site - a little gem I came up with today after hearing a statistic about drunk driving over New Years in my city.

I like your skits also - they have an edge of fun to them -think we can Charlie Kaufman one of these bad boy skits?