Thursday, May 08, 2008


a year of seminary has ended. this usually invites a time of self-reflection and confessions. at this time of schooling there is a human impluse to confess to one another long held secrets or opinions. it is an interesting phenomenon.

i had many great experiences here. i've been told by one collegue that they wish to see the world as i see it, just for one day. that was very nice! i was also told by another collegue that if i was in charge of the earth, they would wake up and have no idea what was going on with a purple sun rise and a velociraptor riding a bike down their street. so there's both affirmation and humility sprinkled in here and it is precisely this mix that is sacred.

this leads to the question of how do i see the world? what frames am i using when i view it? we all use frames as the world is too much to view all at once, too paradoxical. which ones are mine? which ones are useful and which should i discard?

These questions are a step in the process of figuring out the verbage I’m going to use when describing Christian Education. For me right now:

Christian Education is getting to zero.
We do this by examining what we carry,
Why we carry it,
Who gave it to us,
And is it worth keeping?
Zero then is understood as not the absense, but the possibility.

I like this, but I’m unsure of the practicality of this statement. I like that it takes words at the symbolic level. Words are symbols of something, not the actual thing. The word Duck is not a duck. We loose sight of this in our religious communities as we become wrapped up in the one interepretation of the word, not the symbol of it. Words are important but more important I would contend are the possible themes those words are to evoke.

We are standing in the center of something rare and vast. The problem isn’t that we don’t know, it’s that we don’t care to explore the possibilities of our lives.

one way to graphically demonstrate this is with two videos. the first is one of my favorite bands of all time Royksopp... you may have heard them on the Geico Caveman at the Airport ad, but their style really appeals to me. the genre of music is known as "chill" or "deep couch" for it's laid back approach. this video represents how i walk down the street... how and what i think... there's a feeling that this music produces.. a hopeful-melancholy. this may sound like a paradox, but what is life but a paradox?! enjoy the video:

this other one is super-catchy audio crack! i loooove Japanese power-pop like P5. this is if P5 and Slipknot had a baby, both happy and agressive. another paradox! thanks to Weaver for the find!

i think they're saying "sweet and sour, we've got your MEGA-Lover" which is totally cool! whatever they're singing i can't stop listening to it! eeeek!


Brad said...

DUDE. OK first, that second video...

Not a fan of the pop part of it, but that slipknot-ish band... DUDE. Awesome. I love it. Have you heard Thrice? They're definitely my all-time favorite band, and have alot of musical paradoxes (lyrically and tonally). check 'em out if you haven't already.

In general, it is amazing how many things shape our worldview, and how much an awareness of our worldview helps us understand our world... if that makes sense. You'd enjoy talking to one of our authors, Josh. Worldview is one of his favorite topics.

Luke said...

hey brad! nice to see you over here ;-)

i'll check out Thrice, i've heard OF them but never checked them out.. and suggestions on what song or album to start with?

i LOVE paradox (if you haven't guessed) and tend to stay in the grey and consider all sides... but that's just me.

i would love to talk to Josh about worldview. i think our frames we choose are incredibly interesting and help me understand the larger reality.

thanks for the thoughts! RAWK!

Anonymous said...

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