Friday, May 30, 2008

Invoking the Ghost Of Violence

I was introduced to Keith Olbermann from my BSG Seminary Collegue this past winter. I've followed his "special comments" often online as it reminds me of my journalism hero Edward R. Murrow (Good Night and Good Luck one of my fav. movies!). This I like Olbermann and Murrow as they expose politicians for what they say BETWEEN the lines. This is one of the reasons i'm voting Obama. Clinton's tactics are old. Her campaign based on the assumption that she had it all in the bag because of her priviledged last name.

Times change. Our policies haven't. We need to vote accordingly.

Invoking violence is the last straw. Hillary Clinton has lots of baggage; many Americans despise her. The Republicans can’t wait to run against her. Many of the voters that have been inspired by Barack Obama will feel disenfranchised once again. Most voters will once again see things as a choice between the lesser of two evils. Many will not vote. Plus the one candidate who CAN solve this problem is Zaphoid Beeblebrox, and he's not on the ticket!

Obama has brought independents and Republicans, young and old, rich and poor, educated and not, black and white together to work for change. People who have never voted before are voting this time. He can and will beat John McCain (who is running for Bush's third term, same means + war = same ends of recession and dead americans in foreign lands) in November. Hillary will not.

To me it is a clear choice. Barack Obama is the Man we need as our next President. This is the last post i'll do on this issue of choosing between Obama and Hillary. I'm onto to the next level, i just wish Hillary was.


Anonymous said...

Even as a Canadian, I am huge fan of Barack - he seems like someone that can work with the affairs of the world in level headed way (not so much a heavy handed way). I also appreciate a lot of what he says (although it's getting more cornier as I hear it) - he still strikes me as someone with a good platform.

Blair said...

The Big Z may not be on the printed ballot, but if enough people write him in, the electoral college will have to go along with it. (Technically, the electorate college doesn't have to vote the will of the people any more than the democrats' "Super-delegates" have to, but such a "rebellion" by members of the electoral college is generally considered unlikely since it would effectively end their political careers.)

Assuming Zaphod wins the election, I'm not sure how one would go about letting him know, however the application a simple Somebody Else's Problem field clears that up as far as I'm concerned. (Possibly it would involve mentioning an open bar, but again, that's somebody else's problem. Ditto for paying the bar tab.)

I'm also quite certain that Zaphod has the ability to produce whatever documentation is required to prove that he's eligible to be President. Just be sure to let the ink dry before handling the documents.