Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Is Emerging?

The New Religious Landscape:

this is from the blog over there in the bar called Emergent Village, a great source. Tony is a great source and expert on all the different types of "emerging." I really enjoyed this. Tony asks his own stunning (rhetorical) question: “What do we do with the robots when they show up at the church doors?!

I consider myself a emergent. Get the context and then dialog with others about. Gather around the tribal fire and tell stories and try to figure out one another's lives. Great video! Check it out!


Jim Jordan said...

From an ecumenical point of view I liked what Tony Jones said very much i.e. "investing in all that God is doing". The only question is that Brian McLaren is a self-annointed Emergent leader in the church and he is unabashedly an ultra-leftist. I see great flaws on the right and the left in politics and Tony seems to agree. Shouldn't this be an understanding in Emergent churches? Do you feel that Brian McLaren does the movement justice?

Luke said...

hi Jim Jordan! Thank you for taking the time to post.

i like the ecumenical point of view. too closed-minded on the left or right-wing is intolerable for me. I'm still on the fence about McLaren. I think he's working out some issues from is fundamentalist/literalist upbringing... and i have a lot of sympathy for that as i'm constantly doing the same.

i must keep reading, as i'm rather new to this whole emergent/emerging thing and need to check all these guys out. i'll make that my summer reading!